The original story

The original story

In 2012 my friend Easy was put into a coma and eventually into a nursing home. In the debris of this event, I found the idea for Easy Town, which started as a small village centre where Easy and his fellow patients could find stimuli for their hurt brains, in workshops, gardens and caf├ęs.

In the following years, I treated the easy town ideas as purely non-fictional, always asking how to finance something like that while maintaining my independence.

I used stories to test ideas for the town, and in 2016 a story came up which was more complex and more intriguing than any I had done before.

It was only a week after I finished the story that the idea to write it down crossed my mind. I had three main reasons to follow through with that idea.

One, I love the story, and this way I could keep it alive.

Two, this story is a perfect playground to test ideas, to play around with concepts, and while doing so, to have some fun.

And three, eventually the story could finance some of the easy town ideas.