The main characters

last updated: 30 December 2021

The main characters

in order of appearance in book 1

Alice Adler, born in Berlin, October 1972. Before the project, she worked as a freelancer in photography and web design. She studied business with a focus on finance and investment, and some economics. First impression: dresses sportive casual, unruly short dark hair

According to Richard, Alice Adler was a small-time
freelancer, web design and photography. She studied business in Berlin and Bristol, and some search results indicated work for a theatre company and on a movie. But Richard wasn’t sure that these entries related to the same Alice Adler.
Forty-three, born in Berlin, according to her passport details. The passport photo showed an intelligent looking person, someone with a mind of her own.
Tom didn’t trust photos.
No sign of a husband, children or any social media activity.

book 1, beginning

[additional note] Alice’s surname Adler means eagle in English.

Tom Holbon, born in New York, March 1953, American businessman, programmer, philanthropist, married to Fran Holbon. One of the richest men on the planet. First impression: business casual, greying

‘More than anything else, I’ve always wanted to find solutions. That’s what programmers do. We find solutions, we make things run. And I’m grateful for this opportunity to think outside the code box.’

book 1, beginning

Jack Harris, born in London, July 1972, famous actor. Jack Harris works internationally and mostly lives in London. He has three children (18, 16, 8) with his ex-wife. First impressions: ‘Bloody hell, I’ve seen this guy on screen.’ ‘Blimey, he’s hot.’

‘If this project goes ahead, experts of many professions will be needed. But the project also needs people who aren’t academics. Playfulness and ease are as important as expert knowledge to make this project work.’
‘And you think I could help?’
‘I’ve seen your playfulness on screen. And I’m sort of hoping it wasn’t all acting.’

book 1, beginning

Leo Jones, born in Bristol, England, April 1968, personal assistant with experience in international projects. First impression: gay casual, short blond hair

He was such a normal guy. Tall, slim, blond, friendly voice.
What is a normal guy? No idea. Someone normal? No. Someone who seems familiar. That is the point, isn’t it? Normal is not universal. Normal is individual. Normal is familiar. Leo. Yes, he felt sort of familiar, like someone she would trust automatically. And he was good. Fast on the uptake. Asking good questions.

book 1, beginning

Daria Dodds, born in Seattle, US, January 1992, programmer. Before the project, Daria worked for Tom in New York. First impression: cool casual girluy, short spiky black hair

‘Did she?’ Noel teased, thinking that Daria was a weird girluy. Which according to Daria meant that she was a girl with bits of a guy in the mix. He didn’t mind. Life was so much more interesting if you didn’t mind. In fact, the less you minded the more you could discover. And there was so much strange stuff going on in people’s heads. And outside their heads. Daria was all skinny, super pale, and her black hair spiky. And she always dressed in black and, of course, she had tattoos and opinions. But she was also very clever and good company. You could make her laugh and sometimes she repaid the compliment. But she could be a bit bossy. That was the bit, he didn’t like about her.

book 1, beginning, week 1

[additional note] Daria only gets two brief scenes and some mentions in book 2, but she’ll be back in book 3.

Noel Hunter, born in Boston, US, 1992, programmer. Noel worked for Tom until he joined the project full time. First impression: large eyes, big mouth (literally), short, slim

‘No, no, no!’ Noel cut in, his big eyes extra large. ‘You can stop right there. I’m perfectly fine with being just friends with women. And you know that. I just don’t see what our Alice would want with a douche like Jack, regardless whether it’d be as a friend or fling or needless-sweating buddy.’
Daria chuckled.
Noel was a weird guy in many respects. It had taken her something like three month to get used to him, after he started to work for Tom. But he sure as hell made her laugh and that counted for a lot. Though, he could dress less eccentric. Today, he wore his yellow shirt, top buttons open, and kind of shiny flared blue jeans. It didn’t look bad, just like too much.

book 1, beginning

[additional note] Noel only gets some mentions in book 2, but he’ll be back in book 3.

Andy Lawrence, born in London, March 1982, programmer. Before the project, Andy worked for Tom in New York. First impression: sloppy casual, shortish dark hair

‘Oh, Andy is approaching,’ Noel whispered.
Andy was cool. Well, not cool cool. More like on the inside and no-complaints cool. Not usually. Though, someone should tell him that his sloppy style was bordering on self-destructive, like he constantly mistook last century’s rag trader collection for his wardrobe. Which today resulted in a checked shirt and wide cotton trousers. Cotton!
‘Hiya, Andy,’ Noel and Daria said.
‘Morning. You finally made it,’ Andy returned and put his hand on an empty chair.
‘Don’t talk like an old douche,’ Noel complained. And he was right, even though Daria rolled her eyes. But, while Andy was taller than him and Daria, well most people were at least a head taller than them, and some people regarded height as a licence to be a douchebag, Andy was only ten years older. And that’s nothing, some people said. Though, personally, Noel had his doubts about that. Getting from fourteen to twenty-four was no joke. And totally didn’t seem like no time at all.
But all in all Andy was cool. Even now when he said with a half-smile: ‘Don’t be this late if you don’t want me to talk like a douche.’
‘I’m not—’ Noel started, but Daria’s bossy side interrupted: ‘We won’t be long. We just need a bite. Then we’ll help unload.’ Though that was actually a nice bit of diplomacy, not so much bossy. Well done.

book 1, beginning

THE is an exclusive security company which operates independently and internationally. THE only work for people or organisations they respect. First impression of THE members: professional, casual black; first name only.

[Tom] ‘I’m glad THE protect us.’
‘Mhm,’ Alice murmured.
She was glad too. She just didn’t like being monitored. And THE was big on monitoring. She had to wear a trackable leather wristband with silver embroideries. It measured her vital signs and could make recordings. In addition, she was usually followed by two guards, presently by Jazz and Anthony.

book 2/1, travelling, Happy Flying

Any, real name and personal information unknown, founder and head of THE. First impression: classified

Jazz, born in London, July 1982, security expert and martial arts instructor. First impression: athletic, stern, thick curly crown of short dark hair

Alice still remembered her first impression of Jazz: athletic, stern, dark eyes, thick curly crown of short dark hair, some ten years younger, a head taller.
In the beginning, they eyed each other with guarded interest.

book 2/1, travelling, California

further characters

characters book 1

Ethan Jones, born in Liverpool, 1964, renowned town planner from Boston. Ethan joined the town project at the beginning and heads the Town Planner Team. First impression: elegant gay, grey with youngish face

Jason Eagles, born on the Isle of Wight, 1967, architect and head of the project’s Architecture Team. First impression: cool, laid-back, twisted curls

Kim Bower, born in Toronto, 1984, landscape architect, a member of the project’s Design Team, and head of the Landscape Team. First impression: down to earth, sportive, tallish, dark curl-ish hair, shoulder length

Seth Meyer, born in Vancouver, 1980, businessman and member of the Business Team. Seth worked for Tom before he joined the town project. First impression: hairy pleasant guy

Maja Moos, born in Chicago, 1975, artist and head of the Arts Team. Presently she is with her team in London, and she is Jack’s direct boss. First impression: small, stout, loud voice and yet dreamy

Roger Giles, born in Prague, 1944, craftsman of many crafts and head of the sub-team Crafts. He worked and lived in several countries in Europe, and in Lebanon, Japan, Bolivia, Canada and the US. Presently he is with his team in London. First impression: tall, strong, bushy white hair, rolling deep voice

Dana Williams, born in Sweden, 1970, head of the projects Ecology & Agriculture Team. First impression: stout, red haired, freckled

Beatrice Johnson, born in Olive, NY, 1968, head of the Admin Team, member of the executive team for the Hub, and the head liaison between the Admin Team and Leo and his team. Before Beatrice joined the project, she was Tom’s private secretary. She is widowed and presently with her team in London. First impression: elegant, efficient, square glasses

characters book 2

On the travelling team

in alphabetic order

Adeola, born in Nigeria, 1984, business expert, responsible for all business and admin questions on this journey. First impression: elegant businesswoman

Devery, born in France, 1972, co-head of the Hub coordination team. Before joining the Hub Team, Devery worked for THE as security expert. First impression: very tall, short brown hair

Hachiro, born in Japan, 1983, co-head of, the project’s fashion company. First impression: simply beautiful and pretty small

Javiera, born in Chile, 1970, co-head of the Hub coordination team, lawyer and programmer. First impression: beautiful, expensively dressed

The Security Team

Anthony, born in England, 1978, security expert, programmer, Jazz’s second

Dennie, born in England, 1977, security expert and engineer

Jane, born in Sweden, 1988, security expert, nurse, make-up artist, mask expert

Giselle, born in Arizona, 1978, security expert and physician

Kenny, born in Stornoway, Lewis, Scotland, 1984, security expert and hacker

In London

Arts Team, Maja

Crafts Team, Roger

Programming Team, Noel

Business Team, Seth

Town Planning Team, Ethan

Landscape Architecture, Kim

Architecture Team, Jason

Ecology Team, Dana

Agriculture Team, Megan

characters book 3

Jack’s children, Lian, Farid, Bertok and others