What is the Easy Town idea about?

12 December 2018, Charlie A Raya

What is the Easy Town idea about?

The best way to discover the Easy Town idea is to read book 1: beginning. And, I am not just saying this to boost sales. It’s actually true.

However, I sympathise with impatience. So, here are a few hints.

The Easy Town idea is based on the assumption that our economies and societies are pretty screwed.

So, why not build a town where we can test ideas and ask every possible question? Such as: How to run businesses? How to push back the burn out epidemic? How to bring people of all walks of life together? How to avoid any mumbo-jumbo and give room to personal freedom? How to make a town thrive? How to keep out jerks?

How, in short, to create a place where life is enjoyable, low-stress, free, and healthy?

And, wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t need tax advisers, psychologists, fitness studios, or preachers anymore?

Since the town would be set up as an experiment, rules and approaches could be adjusted once data was available. At the conclusion of the experiment, we might know what a town needs to thrive, and maybe even have a better understanding of what sort of environment allows us to live the life we want.

What would the Easy Town experiment be good for?

We could learn something. It would also allow us to go to the root of problems instead of fixing systems which have already failed us.

Moreover, people could come and see for themselves how the proposed approaches work.

Or, if the experiment failed, we could at least say that we left no stone unturned in our attempt to figure out what’s good for us.

See, our experiment starts out as something like an empty board – a tabula rasa, if you like. Now, as we proceed, we add one element after the other to the board and see what happens, and test how we can connect those elements.

quote from book 1: beginning


You could describe Easy Town as a beautifully designed town with a special focus, such as the neurological patient, music, soldiers, fashion, or others. Tourism, the arts and a variety of businesses could make the town:

a) as self-sufficient as possible,

b) a place where generations and people of all walks of life mix again,

c) a place to try out new economic and societal concepts,

d) a place where relatives of patients find work and recreation.

Easy Town wouldn’t have any religious, political or philosophical agenda. Quite the contrary, if ruled by anything, it would be:

a) common sense and

b) a few clear rules without loopholes.

Easy Town could provide a framework in which anyone can follow their fancy without violating another person’s freedom.

It’s complex, not complicated

The Easy Town idea is complex and addresses the needs of a burned out, ageing and overtaxed society. But strangely it’s not complicated. I keep expecting a great breakthrough, but all I find is that everything is pretty simple if you go by common sense. (So far :-))

However, the town can only ever be a microcosmos. And yet, we might learn from the experiment. And, the town itself could be a work of art.

In ‘Seven Years Easy Town’ I explore all ideas in a story setting. And yes, it’s a bit cheeky to bring up such ideas in a story. But, one important element of the idea is playfulness, and that is something I can easily incorporate into the story.

‘Again, what do you want that money for? You have a unique opportunity to build something extraordinary. Something that’ll need initial capital like a child. Would you ask your child to return your investment or would you ask your child to pay interest? We wouldn’t build Easy Town to make money. We would build it to find out what is good for us humans.’ Alice paused. Since Tom still looked doubtful, she added: ‘In this town experiment, we put all ideas to a practical test, be it ideas for businesses, health, ecology, society, arts, and every other idea. We create a complex microcosm and find out whether we as human can’t do better after all. Come on, let’s explore. Let’s take nothing for granted or proven. Who knows what we may find?’
‘And for all that, I am to hand over half of my fortune?’
‘You’d still be one of the richest men on the planet. Aren’t you past the age where you need to verify your cock’s length by your account balance? I believe you’re better than that. At least I hope you are.’’

quote from book 1: beginning
seven years easy town, book 1: beginning, First drafts for a town experiment, book cover

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