Supporting climate actions

27 May 2019, Charlie A Raya

Supporting climate actions

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Since there seem to be a number of politicians (at least in Germany) who believe that only the young care for the future of this planet, I’ve decided to create this little graphic and put it in the footer of this website to show my support for Fridays for future and climate actions.

You are welcome to use this graphic on your website without reference to me. You find more graphics, including some for businesses and some in German here >>>.

reminder for week of climate action starting on Friday 20 September 2019

Global Climate Action week

I am often very busy, juggling writing and other jobs, but I really like the idea of taking this September week off and joining others in the effort to come up with ideas and actions for a survivable and healthy future. The Climate Action week starts with a Global Climate Strike on Friday 20 September 2019.

Again, if you’d like to use my graphic to show your support, please, feel free to copy it.

Letting off steam – it’s been frustrating

I don’t know how it is in your country, but the last weeks have substantionally added to my frustrations about the political players.

I’ll give you an example. There is this Youtuber, called Rezo, and he published a well documented assessment of how politicians in Germany have failed to do their jobs. Climate change makes for a big part of the video. All in all, Rezo pointed out what scientists have been saying for years if not decades. And there have been follow up videos who analysed the first, and a professor from a Berlin University who verified the statements, and so on …

But apparently all of this still leaves politicians unfazed. And, what really got me was the reaction of the politicians, especially the Merkel party, CDU / CSU.

Oh, they were so shocked, and actually called the video dangerous. Dangerous, that someone out there did his homework and presented it to his followers?

And, after the EU-Election desaster for the major German parties, it was all about having to win over the young. I even read a statement in the Tagesspiegel: ‘Die Analyse von CDU-Fraktionschef Burkard Dregger: „Den Grünen ist das Geschäft mit der Angst am besten gelungen“ – er meint die Angst vor dem Klimawandel. ‘

This roughly translates: ‘The analysis by CDU-Franktionschef Burkhard Dregger: ‘The Greens were most successful in playing the fear card.’ — he means the fear about the climate change.’

So, is that who and what we are in the eyes of politicians? A load of scared sheep and the person who manages the best scare gets the most votes? Honestly, how not to be frustrated by politics should be researched. I for one have no idea.

However, there is this other thing that annoys me. And that is the repetition that the young generation is fighting while the older generations sit back. Or to put it in the Merkel-party’s terms: The old know what is right, and the young are being stupid, demanding things that are impossible.

Well, I can’t speak for all people my age, but I certainly don’t sit back, and I have been very unhappy with the work of politicians for decades. In fact, I am writing the Easy Town Book Series because I believe that we can do much better if only we put our minds to finding solutions rather than getting constantly lost in political fights and gestures and empty promises.

Sorry, not my best work. But the steam needed some airing …


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Graphics in support of Climate Action

Choose a graphic and display it on your website, social media account, in your e-mails, or wherever else you’d like to show support for the climate strikes.

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