Book 2: The journey disclosed

last updated: 21 September 2019, Charlie A Raya

Book 2: The Journey Disclosed

In book 2: travelling, Alice, Tom and a travelling team set out to visit nine of the sixteen international teams, and four of the nine main Hub Stations. In addition, they will meet with team members from New Zealand, officials in Beijing, and princes in Otaon.

The following abstracts don’t contain any spoilers as such, just a few hints about what expects the team at each destination.

US, New York

The travelling team starts their journey from New York for two reasons: it’s the closest airport to Tom’s estate (some two hours outside New York), and it’s the airport where Tom’s Airbus is parked.

California, San Francisco

Alice isn’t happy to be on this hand-shaking mission for the Easy Town Project and for the Hub Stations. Her meeting with the property mogul Clive Stodd only adds to her grumpiness.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Twice in Brazil, Alice has to confront unpleasant if not dark memories from her past. In one case, retelling an old nightmare earns her a bit of respect, in the other case, Devery is glad that no one else hears his conversation with Alice. Not that he disagrees, it’s more the bluntness of her thoughts that he’d rather not share with the team, at least not this early on in the sex-talk.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

The visit to Buenos Aires is very relaxed, not least because the team here is much further advanced than the previous teams. However, while the travelling team mostly gets a breather, others are scheming to further sabotage the project, and Jack receives a heavy blow.

South Africa, Cape Town, Injaberg, Cape Town

The visit starts off relatively easy with meetings at the Hub Station in Cape Town. The stay in Injaberg, on the other hand, is marked by clashes, an unexpected mediator and news that divide the team.

Australia, Sydney, a town, Sydney, a holiday resort, Sydney

On the long flight to Australia, Alice finally defies her grumpiness and is full of energy. For a day or two. Meanwhile, danger closes in. But luckily, the team takes a holiday and sleeping is high on everyone’s agenda.


Book 2 will be published in two parts. And this is the ideal place to take a break and a breather before the travelling team faces some unexpected adventures.

China, Beijing, Kunming, a town with an unpronounceable name, Kunming

The visit to China is very different from everything the team has encountered so far. And, while the team tries to make sense of it all, others get far too close to attacking Alice. Meanwhile yet another group steps up their efforts to sabotage the project.

Otaon, Sitseaf

There are so many princes here that you don’t have to remember a single name, you simply address everyone as prince. No one knew what to expect from the visit to the Middle Eastern country of Otaon. What they do encounter had not crossed their minds as possibility.

Romania, Bucharest and some villages

This is one of the most delightful stages on the whole journey, and despite a few drawbacks and a sleepless night, Alice, in particular, has a very good time.

Russia, Moscow and a few other places

There is an invitation to a ball. Security can’t accompany Alice, so someone has to pose as her boyfriend. And that is just the very beginning …


Alice still has a flat in Berlin, and it is time for her to wrap up her old life before moving to London. Another good-bye is also due. But when Alice returns to her team after a few days and meets the Berlin team, there is reason to look forward. The Berlin team is disappointed, however, that Alice refuses to talk to the press or politicians. Though, after hearing her arguments, they sort of see the point.

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