the letter, extract from book 1, beginning

[opening chapter of book 1, beginning]

It all began with a letter …

Berlin, 2 March 2016

Dear Mr Tom Holbon,
Sometimes I wonder what I would do with a fortune like yours. And the answer is actually simple: I would set up a team of experts for an experiment which might or might not answer all the questions foremost on my mind.

Do you think your kind of fortune would be sufficient to 
build an experiment? Building, being one of the clues. Exploring, another.

Well, you seem to have the sort of influence to bring together all the experts required. And from what I hear, you are a programming businessman with an altruistic streak. All of which would come in handy.
So how about we set up an experiment which might turn the world upside down? In which case, we could give it a good shake.

If you are intrigued, I would be happy to present my ideas to you in person.

Alice Adler

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book 1: beginning, or drafting a town experiment

beginning, or drafting a town experiment, by Charlie Alice Raya, book series: seven years easy town, cover


book 1: beginning,
or drafting a town experiment

Alice Adler, a Berliner, sets out to convince Tom Holbon, the richest man on the planet, to build a town experiment. The aim of the experiment is to rethink — well, everything.

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Price: €8.42 (incl. VAT)
Pages: 499, 133k
Format: ePub

At its core the Easy Town experiment is about being curious, about trying out visions, about exploring and playing around with ideas, testing the limits of the possible, daring to try out the unconventional, questioning the inevitable, allowing for complexity.

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snippets from book 1: a letter, give the world a shake, Jack fuming, playfulness questioned, snobs, why build a town experiment?, neurological patients, relatives of patients, she keeps not doing things no one else doesn’t do, a first meeting, the assistant, making things run, business rules, a blur, a Wednesday morning at the project, working out, challenging tech giants, gardens, religion, an outburst, moles, a nightmare, healthcare, sitting on the jetty, Hub Stations, Jack has a problem, business ideas, gendered fashion, rumours, durability, names, flying solo, Disney Dream Party, job security, job shaking, free trade, a bank, a football match, the first street layouts, a multi team meeting with Ecology & Agriculture, a clash, a surprise, movie critics, an Arts prank, Tom worried, more secrets, good news, demography, no talking to Alice, Alice lashes out, Jack has a sleepless night, Alice needs a break, a story for rainy days, teaching methods, mixing generations, a tense talk on the jetty, a secretive security company, conference rehearsal, Jack in doubts, Andy, Daria and Noel have a surprise for Alice, another talk on the jetty, Jack joins a secret meeting unwittingly, doubts about social media, numbers, Tom excited, a secret Hub meeting, Jack is surprised, Alice talks to a shadow on the screen, speech training, a summer scene, who rescues who?, role models, back in New York, the conference, a clash, a speech dismissed, two hours in a room, meeting a nervous global player, parties, smart toilets, meeting more big players, back at Tom’s, stars and a flying lion.

photo series, greyscale, 2010 – 2015

Further photo series by Charlie Alice Raya

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