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Book 2: travelling, and we still need to talk about sex

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book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Russia, by Charlie Alice Raya

travelling, and we still need to talk about sex

Travelling around the world, Alice and her team further an international network for the Easy Town Project. Travelling with them are the past, personal demons, prejudice and unwittingly the issue of sex.

‘(…) we can continue to whine about the state of the world, or we can employ our imagination and explore how to do better.’

book 2/1, travelling, Happy Flying

from book 2/2, travelling, Russia

‘You’ve known about the ball for two weeks?’
‘So have you,’ Tim remarked. ‘It’s in your itinerary.’
Hachiro and Jesse grinned broadly. They sat across from Alice, and she decided not to check how everyone else was reacting. Two grinning faces were enough for a morning briefing.
‘Erm … Sorry, Jazz.’
Tim was right, of course. There was an official itinerary, but Alice hardly ever looked at it. What for? Every day was filled with things to do, people to meet … For once, she was annoyed that everyone else seemed to know what was going on, except her. This thought prompted another thought which in turn prompted her to interrupt Jazz again, even before Jazz could continue. ‘Tim what are the news from the on-the-spot team in Moscow?’
‘We don’t have an on-the-spot team in Russia. There are too many unknown factors. But we have been in contact with the local team.’
‘Oh. So, how far is the Russia Team?’
‘Far in planning. Nowhere in terms of actual businesses or a team house. They are still trying to get permissions to set up businesses in connection with our project.’
‘Hm. Thanks.’ Alice looked at Jazz again. She looked a little tired, Alice suddenly thought and cursed herself for her short attention span. ‘Sorry.’
Jazz inhaled. ‘Filip and Natasha, the rich couple, suggested that you join them at the ball. The objective is to meet other rich and influential people and get them interested in the Easy Town Project. You could say, Filip and Natasha are on a mission to make the rich into useful and responsible citizens. Besides, Miron hinted that Filip and Natasha might be disappointed if you didn’t go. And since they are vital to the team financially, it might be good to go.’
‘Hm,’ Alice uttered, frowning. ‘And they want to show me to their rich buddies?’
‘And,’ Hachiro chipped in, ‘I have the perfect gown for you.’
‘You have a ball dress for me?’
‘Of course. I collected it yesterday from our dot.workshop in Bucharest, along with the outfits for Berlin. And before you deepen that grimace of yours, it’s a special gown. You can take off the skirt any time and wear the top with the leather-look trousers below.’
Alice smiled lopsidedly. ‘Oh, well … You know how to trick me into a dress.’
‘You will look fantastic,’ Jane said, taking a few steps closer and leaning against the sofa next to Giselle. ‘I’ve seen the gown.’
Alice sighed and caught Jazz’s tired eyes. ‘Sorry for the interruptions, Jazz.’
Jazz didn’t comment and continued: ‘These balls take place frequently. They serve as events where ambitious people find rich partners. Partners for matrimony as well as for business. You would be one of the many guests, a companion of Filip and Natasha. As—’
‘So, it’s all very classy?’ Alice interrupted again, not hiding that she was unhappy about the prospect.
Jazz didn’t answer.
Most team members rolled their eyes, and Jesse seemed to express what everyone was thinking: ‘Just have some fun, Alice.’
Alice twitched the corner of her mouth.
‘As for security,’ Jazz went on patiently. ‘Most guests at these balls employ bodyguards. If all those bodyguards joined in the ballroom, it would get crowded. So the consent is that no one brings bodyguards inside. However—’ Jazz paused and pursed her lips.
Alice frowned.
‘However,’ Jazz repeated. ‘You can bring your boyfriend.’
‘My what?’



[Hachiro] ‘And before you deepen that grimace of yours, it’s a special gown. You can take off the skirt any time and wear the top with the leather-look trousers below.’
Alice smiled lopsidedly. ‘Oh, well … You know how to trick me into a dress.’

book 2/2: travelling / Flying to Moscow

Chapters included
Flight to Moscow, Russia

Alice has been invited to a ball, but security can’t accompany her, so someone has to pose as her boyfriend. And that is just the very beginning …

tags: Hachiro’s masterpieces, pills from Giselle, more awkward stuff at the ball, bulges and urges, tits and brains, world domination, puking, a test, a dance, a message, a drive through the night, news, the cinema place, Lavrenti sings, traffic lights as show of hands, a barn, plums lined up, losing it, a meeting in a bakery, heavy hearts

Pages: 168, 45k
Format: ePub
Price: €2.89 (incl. VAT)

publishing date: end of February 2021

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What’s this all about sex?

Book 2 is about a team, travelling around the world to further an international network for a town experiment. The sex talk is just one in many issues which keeps coming up. You can find a list of the main sex topics included in book 1 and 2 here >>>

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travelling, country by country

book 2/1,
country by country

Book 2 is available in single country chapters.

There are overlaps between the chapters, and developments within the team, but each country chapter has sort of its own story. So it’s fine to pick a single country or two.

Besides, each single country chapter includes a recap about what you need to know for this part of the journey.

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part united states, by Charlie Alice Raya




The travelling team takes off from New York.

But Alice isn’t happy to be on this handshaking mission for the Easy Town Project.

Her meeting with the property mogul Clive Stodd only adds to her grumpiness, and Tom’s nagging doesn’t help.

‘I walked myself right into your sex talk, didn’t I?’ Tom groaned, nearly bumping into another urn.

book 2/1, travelling, San Francisco

Pages: 88, 22k
Price: €1,44 (incl. VAT)

tags: grumpiness and oranges, the tour of the airliner and a surprise, security measures and a therapy, a pep talk gone wrong, we need to talk about sex, early days, sexy outfits, property negotiations, workout, tickles and questions, learn how to defend yourself, university speech, chaos and walls, disappointing the team, LGTBQ+ and is homosexuality an intrusion? few explicit remarks

Pages: 88, 22k
Price: €1,44 (incl. VAT)

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Brazil, by Charlie Alice Raya




Twice in Rio, Alice has to confront dark memories from her past. In one case, retelling a nightmare earns her some respect. In the other case, Devery is glad that no one else is listening.

‘(…) there is no such thing as a woman or a man. Though, there is Amen.’

Book 2/1, Rio de Janeiro

Pages: 69, 19k
Price: €1,24 (incl. VAT)

tags: stark contrasts, kamikaze, favela, a nightmare, girls night, a walk along Copacabana Beach, traumatic run-ins with women, women prison, genital mutilations, boobs and milk boobs, penis length, gender, explicit remarks

Pages: 69, 19k
Price: €1,24 (incl. VAT)

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Argentina, by Charlie Alice Raya




While the travelling team gets something of a breather, others are scheming to sabotage the project, and Jack receives a heavy blow.

‘For Christ’s sake,’ the prominent grey thundered. ‘Is there no reliance on wives these days? What about sex? What was that all about?’

book 2/1: travelling/Buenos Aires

Pages: 64, 16K
Price: €1,07 (incl. VAT)

tags: Nazis, ratline, coping with the past, Hub Station, sexual violence, a new initiative, on the side of power, coming to terms with some changes, big players, reconnecting, thinking, as free as a bird, trust, a sky party, some explicit remarks

Pages: 64, 16k
Price: €1,07 (incl. VAT)

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part South Africa, by Charlie Alice Raya

South Africa



The visit starts off fine(ish) in Cape Town. But the stay in Injaberg is marked by clashes, the arrival of a mediator and news that divide the team.

‘You don’t know much about Africa, do you?’ Lesedi remarked, exchanging a glance with Karabou.
Alice twitched her mouth. ‘No.’

Book 2/1, south Africa

Pages: 144, 38k
Price: €2.46 (incl. VAT)

tags: extending the Hub network, violence, black and white, racism, colonialism, origins, white Africans, trust, an attempted coup, mending things, fever, good and evil, movie night, few explicit remarks

Pages: 144, 38k
Price: €2.46 (incl. VAT)

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Australia, by Charlie Alice Raya




Alice is full of energy and unaware that danger is closing in. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to find his place within the team.

‘At heart I am a lone wolf. And even though I believe this town is going to be exceptional, I would still choose the tree house for myself, at least as a retreat.’

book 2/1: travelling/Australia

Pages: 99, 24k
Price: €1.55 (incl. VAT)

tags: reports, a Hub Station, Maori, fashion and advent, strictly male, deep energies and a jelly cocoon, a zoo at breakfast, Brexit in a fish restaurant, rethink the EU, history following you around, a moment, dead towns and street musicians, danger with a fur coat, group photos, racism, a bet, thinking, holidays, sleeping, dancing, sitting, beauty

Pages: 99, 24k
Price: €1.55 (incl. VAT)

book 2/2,
country by country

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part China, by Charlie Alice Raya




The visit to China is very different from everything the team has encountered so far. And while the team tries to make sense of it all, their enemies get far too close.

Whenever we try to learn without needing to know, we are likely to fail, or we feel like we have reached our limits.’

book 2: travelling / China

Pages: approx. 147
Status: unpublished

tags: getting up to date after the holidays, spies and translators, domestic violence, the penis trauma and apes, explicit remarks, walls, elements, secret meeting and deep energy secrets, overpopulation and the question of complicity, a walk with a friend, big market players, keep customer in line, meeting a master, using masks

Pages: approx. 144
Status: coming soon

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Otaon, by Charlie Alice Raya




No one knew what to expect from the short visit to Otaon, an ancient, influential and rich kingdom in the Middle East.
Of course, it would be very hot due to the desert climate, and there would be many princes thanks to the extensive royal family.

‘Historians say that a free-spirited princess brought this about. However, it is forbidden to tell the story, because it might inspire young people to make up their own laws.’
Jazz chuckled. ‘But you know the story?’
‘You can laugh or I can tell you the story of Princess Marlana and her guards in black.’’

Book 2/2, Otaon

Pages: approx. 155
Status: unpublished

tags: princes in a palace garden, prejudice and fairy tales, fashion and fear, someone wants to marry, are we making each other?, panic attack, an unexpected clash, a macho moment and stubbornness, deep energy and a big hall, how to punish, religion in various hiccups, a goodbye, breasts or bleeding, the great library of sitseaf, a last tour

Pages: approx. 155
Status: coming soon

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Romania, by Charlie Alice Raya




This is one of the most delightful stages on the journey, and despite some drawbacks, Alice has a very good time. But not everyone is happy about that.

[note] If you are prepared to read some spoilers, this is probably the best chapter to get an idea of what the series is about.

‘He was good looking enough, for a white guy and someone your age.’
Alice smiled a little and shook her head. ‘It wasn’t attractiveness. More that here is a free mind. A mind with a million options or worlds even.’

book 2: travelling / Romania

Pages: approx. 84
Status: unpublished

tags: clarity and staring, trains and birds, historic villages and geese, the time of the dwarfs and daisies, a bell tower, a thunderstorm, toasts, darkness and a shared history, conducting, jeballulo, the heart goes boom, boom, boom, Italian coast, memory of a rape impulse, explicit content, an idea is rejected, an unwelcome call, a walk at night and flying solo

Pages: approx. 87
Status: coming soon

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