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key quotes about the town experiment from book 1, beginning, by Charlie Alice Raya, book cover

About this collection

Most of the key quotes are from the book 1, beginning, and cover some of the basic questions about the town project. In some cases, the quotes are stripped down to their core statement.

This collection of key quotes is published on this website, and you can support the Easy Town projects by purchasing a copy of the key quotes.

Words: 16k, 169 key quotes
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What you need to know beforehand

Before the start of the project

  • Alice and Jack talk for the first time
  • Alice and Tom meet for the first time
  • At the first official Easy Town meeting

Preparing the first draft for the Easy Town experiment

  • week 1, Settling in
  • week 2, Health & Care
  • week 3, Economics & Business
  • week 4, Ecology & Agriculture
  • week 5, Arts & Crafts
  • week 6, Admin & Society
  • week 7, Research & Education
  • week 8, Back in New York

At the first Easy Town Conference

  • Q & A
  • The team presentations
  • Meetings

A few additional key quotes from book 2

  • travelling, California
  • travelling, Rio de Janeiro
  • travelling, Buenos Aires
  • travelling, South Africa
  • travelling, Australia
  • travelling, China
  • travelling, Otaon
  • travelling, Romania
  • travelling, Russia
  • travelling, Berlin