digesting, coexisting

digesting & coexisting

the relation between human and nature

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  • Introduction

Extract from book 2/1, Flight to Sydney

  • digesting

Extract from book 2/2, China

  • A magic valley


‘Look, you really have to let this sink in and think about it. Digesting. Sit yourself down and look at how your body works and never stops changing, never stops digesting or cleaning the blood or fighting some infection, pumping liquid through the system or whatever else it does … And here is the thing that struck me. The body, and nature in general, is in constant motion. Nature works because it constantly digests, renews. It’s alive. It even recycles. No better, it constantly makes new life possible by dying, because a fallen leave serves as nutrient for new life. And this is where humans get things wrong. We don’t produce or build that way. We produce and set up so many things that are not alive. That’s how we are killing our planet. Our planet can only live if it constantly digests, and we block the system with our products, buildings, streets … And we don’t think in terms of digesting, renewing, not even in terms of being alive.’

book 2/2, travelling, Flight to Sydney, South Africa