sex talk, volume 1, limping

extracts collection sex talk, volume 1

We need to talk about sex, limping

We need to talk about sex


and other speculations about us and our sexuality

This is the first sex talk collection for the easy town book series, and it contains extracts from book 1, beginning and from book 2/1, travelling.

Whether short or long, each extract adds at least a thought to the questions around our sexuality.

In this first volume, you can find out how the sex talk came about, listen in on a chat between Leo and Alice about homosexuality, take a stroll with Alice and Devery on Copacabana beach and dive into one of the most diverse and dark conversations in book 2, travel to Buenos Aires for a heartbreaking tragedy, meet the friends in Cape Town who try to understand violence, listen in on the intriguing conversation about beauty with a famous actor – and more.

Pages: 169 pages, 33k words
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‘Is there any chance of you not repeating this in public?’
‘No, Leo. This whole fuss about our sexuality is one of the major things that screws with us. We have to dig in bluntly to unearth everything we humans have made weird.’
Leo sighed, but he couldn’t help chuckling about the ‘humans have made weird.’

book 2/1, travelling, San Francisco

extracts from
book 2/1, travelling



  1. Nudity

Happy Flying

  1. We need to talk about sex

San Francisco

  1. Urns
  2. Property
  3. Couple therapy
  4. Sex jokes
  5. Perspectives
  6. LGBTQ+
  7. Is homosexuality an intrusion?

Rio de Janeiro

  1. Copacabana Beach
    1. What’s wrong with a girls night?
    2. Hoping to be liked
    3. So what’s wrong with a girls night?
    4. Traumatic run-ins with women
    1. Women prison and inferiority complexes
    2. A world run by women
    3. I never wanted to be a woman
    4. Trouble with the body
    5. Limping
    6. Penis length
    7. Prejudice
    8. Evasive gender

  1. This is Rio, best place for gays

Buenos Aires

  1. You have to fuck
  2. Your dick is not a weapon
  3. Abortion and the Catholic Church
  4. Trustworthy men
  5. Sex and populism
  6. The sex talk, a journey
  7. Exploring why we do stupid things
  8. Why does fear smell?

South Africa

  1. Friends
  2. Colours of the skin, HIV and a priest
  3. De-scandalising sex


  1. Outfits, urns rebooted, and strictly male
  2. Sexiness as a weapon among women?

Time off, Australia

  1. Beauty

extracts from
book 1, beginning


  1. The vilification of the body
  2. Porn
  3. Happy parents
  4. Having children?
  5. Unwanted pregnancy
  6. Gendered outfits
  7. Singledom
  1. Losing it
  2. Sexual orientation
  3. One night stands, affairs, relationships and marriage
  4. Who rescues who?
  5. Jerks of my mother’s making
  6. Role models
  7. Abortion

extract from
book 2/1, travelling

I. Nudity

‘Come on, Alice, Daria is right. Let’s have some fun in this bloody private lake while we still can. And no, I won’t jump ship. I’ll travel with you and Tom and all the new recruits. Devery is coming too.’
‘New recruits?’
‘Haven’t you heard?’ Daria said, dipping her feet back into the water and swimming closer to the jetty.
Andy explained. ‘Everyone thinks Tom is right. An international network for the project means input from all over the world. And once we have international teams, it’s good to visit at least some of them, and see some of our Hub Stations.’
‘But hardly anyone wants to go,’ Daria added, reaching the jetty and resting her arms on it. ‘Most people want to supervise the move to London and continue to work on the ideas for our town.’
‘That’s what I want to do,’ Alice grumbled.
‘Yes. But you and Tom represent the project,’ Daria said. ‘You have to go. Meanwhile, we make sure everything is ready by the time you arrive in London.’
‘Hm. So there’ll be new recruits?’
‘Yes,’ Andy said. ‘And they’ll be good people.’
‘Hm. At least you are coming. How about this? You and I stay on the plane and work on the simulation while Tom does the networking.’
Andy chuckled. ‘I doubt that’s what Tom has in mind. Come, Alice. Get your clothes off and—’
‘Hey!’ Daria cut in. ‘Is that how you talk to your boss?’
Andy blushed and stammered: ‘Oh! Er … But you know what I mean.’
Alice raised an eyebrow. ‘You’re British, aren’t you?’
Andy nodded warily.
‘Tell me, would you actually mind if I took off my clothes? I mean, all of them?’
Daria burst out laughing and splashed Andy and Alice with water. They scrambled to their feet to get out of her reach.
When they stopped, Andy cocked his head and said: ‘I’d appreciate it if you could observe a certain decency.’
Alice chuckled.
‘Honestly, Alice. Let’s just have some fun. And if you don’t get into the water—’
Alice laughed, took a step forward and pushed Andy into the water.
Resurfacing, Andy gasped for air while Alice started to undress, observing a certain decency.
Though, why nudity was perceived as indecent, even by her to some extent, was a mystery to Alice.
A few moments later, Alice and Andy jumped into the lake together.

book 2/1, travelling, Prelude


about the sex talk


to the sex talk in the easy town book series


Overview of sex-related content in the easy town book series with hints of what to expect in the upcoming book(s).


We need to talk about sex

Dive straight into the sex talk with an extended extract from book 2/1, travelling.


The sex talk extracts collections

We need to talk about sex


sex-related extracts from book 2/1, travelling and from book 1, beginning

Pages: 169 pages
Price: €3.98 (incl. VAT)

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We need to talk about sex

The penis trauma

sex-related extracts with a focus on the why of sexual violence from book 2, travelling

Pages: 78 pages
Price: €2.70 (incl. VAT)

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We still need to talk about sex

Sexuality mess

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sex-related extracts from book 2/2, travelling

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