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key quotes about the town project
book 1, beginning

About this collection

The key quotes are from the book 1, beginning, and cover some of the basic questions about the town project. In some cases, the quotes are stripped down to their core statements.

You can also read this collection of key quotes online.

At its core the Easy Town experiment is about being curious, about trying out visions, about exploring and playing around with ideas, testing the limits of the possible, daring to try out the unconventional, questioning the inevitable, allowing for complexity.

book 1, beginning

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Before the start of the project

  • Alice and Jack talk for the first time
  • Alice and Tom meet for the first time
  • special: The origins of the Easy Town idea
  • extended extract: What’s Easy Town about?
  • Alice and Tom continued
  • At the first official Easy Town meeting

Preparing the first draft for the Easy Town experiment

  • week 1, Settling in
  • week 2, Health & Care
  • week 3, Economics & Business
  • week 4, Ecology & Agriculture
  • week 5, Arts & Crafts
  • week 6, Admin & Society
  • week 7, Research & Education
  • week 8, Back in New York

At the first Easy Town Conference

  • Q & A
  • The team presentations
  • Meetings

key quotes about the town project
book 2, travelling

About this collection

The key quotes and extracts in this collection are from the book 2, travelling, and offer more insights into the town project.

In book 2, the travelling team doesn’t often get a chance to focus on the town project. That’s why for some chapters of book 2, you will only find one or two quotes. Other chapters, like South Africa, China and Romania add whole scenes to this collection.

Our town experiment is not about cosying up to any political or economical view and even less to anyone’s interests. We need to be independent. That’s the only way to explore how we can live on this planet without screwing said planet and ourselves.

book 2/1, travelling, Happy Flying

Format: ePub
Price: € (incl. VAT)


  • travelling, California
  • travelling, Rio de Janeiro
  • travelling, Buenos Aires
  • travelling, South Africa
  • travelling, Australia

  • travelling, China
  • travelling, Otaon
  • travelling, Romania
  • travelling, Russia
  • travelling, Berlin

Why buy the key quotes?


Two reasons: one, you are only interested in the town experiment. Two, you read the books, and now you want to focus on the town project.

Extracts usually contain conversations and statements. A subject is never fully explored, but you will find interesting questions, thoughts or speculations.

Extracts mostly don’t contain significant spoilers and focus on discussions or statements which require little or no story background.

Whenever more story background is required, some additional quotes and notes are included.