Will there be new photo series?

Will there be new photo series?

Writing the easy town books has priority for me. But I do love photography, and occasionally I pick up the camera.

I remember a sunny day in December 2020 when I decided to take the camera on a walk in my park around the corner. It was winter, it was freezing cold, and I was happily hunting from tree to tree, searching for intriguing tree bark images.

While reviewing my material, I rediscovered a tree bark collection from 2015, also from December. I had forgotten all about it.

But this discovery decided me to take one last tree bark tour of my park. This time in summer. A final Berlin tree bark collection. Or so I thought. But once I started, I couldn’t quite stop, and by now I have been on several tours and brought home many new additions to my tree bark collection.

Now it’s December again, and again I went on a tour. But I think, this was the last tour or maybe the last but one — at least for Berlin.

photo series, surfaces III, winter sun tree barks, 2020, by Charlie Alice Raya

What I would like to do occasionally is to accept a commission for a local tree bark collection.

Say a town needed a new park, a new town square, or a decent place for homeless people, and the town could finance part of the project via selling their own tree bark Fine Art Prints. I would be happy to help make that happen.

photo series, tree bark, summer 2021, by Charlie Alice Raya

Also, when I started my street life collection some time around 2006, I dreamt of travelling and finding street corners in other cities to add street life collections from around the world. I still like the idea.

photo series, street life, berlin, by Charlie Alice Raya


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