invention of evil

the invention of evil, by Charlie Alice Raya

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Jack Harris, one of the main characters in the book series, is a famous actor. He splits his time between the town project and his movie career.

Some of Jack’s movies are just mentioned in the story, some are recounted by him and, in the case of the Invention of Evil, Jack and Alice watch his movie together.

There are some paragraphs from the main story to give you a little more context.

The idea for the Invention of Evil came up in the most typical way: it just popped up. And once it was there, it grew into a most intriguing story. Fit for several movies and series.

The monk and the Invention of Evil were written independently and only later got into the same chapter. By now the monk is something of a prelude to the Invention of Evil.

The main extracts are from the South Africa chapter of book 2/1. The final extract is from the Otaon chapter of book 2/2.

Otaon is an ancient kingdom in the Middle East, and the extract might seem out of place — at first.


  • Foreword
  • What you need to know beforehand


  • The monk

The Invention of Evil

  • Jack and Alice talk
  • Before watching the movie
  • The Invention of Evil
  • After watching the movie


  • How would you tell that your experiment succeeded?

2006, The Invention of Evil
Director: Amber Mortimer
with Jack Harris, Mike Miliband, Ariana Shaw and Sam Elis

Julian is a successful businessman in London. Every year he spends his birthday at his father’s manor house.
This year, as he turns 33, he is introduced into his family’s secret society, and his father reveals that Julian will be the society’s next chairman, like his ancestors before him.
The aim of this society is to guard the invention of evil, and to keep feeding the myth.

This is a rare cinematic gem. It makes you pray to God that this story will never turn out to be true. If true, everything we ever believed would be nil and void.
Jack Harris brilliantly masters his contradictory character, and Sam Elis brings a whole new dimension to the story. Thrilling. Frightening. Brilliant.

Stories are not meant to be believed. Stories are meant to be created. Stories are meant to be told.