42 towns and counting

42 towns and counting

42 towns and counting, cover

42 towns and counting is a collection of ideas for thriving and inspiring towns.

The town list is still growing, and it will take some more weeks to complete it.

However you can already take a look at the accompanying graphics, and you can download the graphics collection for free – a bit of food for thought for the road.

The following is the present introduction to the town ideas collection.

What if towns had a purpose, a mission, a focus? Something to aim for?

These questions were not on my mind when I started making notes for Easy Town, in 2012. Then, my questions were: what can be done to make the recovery process for neurological patients more effective, and how could the relatives and friends of patients be supported?

But as I kept working on the ideas, and later started to write the Easy Town series, more town ideas emerged, and at the core of these towns are these questions: What if towns had a purpose, a mission, a focus? Something to aim for?

I’m presently working on 42+ town ideas. Once completed, the e-book will be a collection of rough drafts, and sometimes simply a collection of thoughts.

Subjects like demography, business practices, environmental issues, societal questions or property are picked up along the way.

Only three towns have made it into the book series so far: Easy Town, dot.city and sound city. Though Drugsdale and Pepperbourgh get a mention.

While some other towns will make an appearance in the book series, most of the 42+ town ideas are additional ideas.

One of my favourite towns is missing from the list since including it would be too much of a spoiler.


Towns with a focus on health

Easy Town
Cancer Sucks Lake
Rattlecastle (orthopaedics)
Honeycomb (diabetes)

Towns with a focus on resource

Bears Cross
Land Mills
Sea’s Murmur

Towns with a focus on sustainability

Nopla Nowa Valley
Gardens Springs

Towns with a focus on arts

Sound City
Dreamrivers (film)
Visual Arts Splash
Design Metropolis
Arts Capital

Towns with a focus on crafts

Two Wheels Blue
Original Craftsdom
Iron Sparrow Brook
Cabinet Green

Towns with a focus on technology

straight forward mountain
Hub Gate

Town with a focus on what makes a home


Towns with a focus on family and growing up

Orphan’s Paradise

Towns with a focus on consequences

No Laughs Home (ex-soldiers)
Gentlehaven (survivors of violence)
WEtree (multiculti)

Towns with a focus on discourse and research

Thinkers Bay
Research Tree
Speaker’s Grounds
Journalist’s Quay

Towns with a focus on learning

Unlearn Wood
Libraries Point


The first town ever

‘I just talked to Robyn from the New Zealand Team,’ Hachiro said, leaning back in his armchair. ‘I know Alice is against it, but I hope we’ll build more than one town. And I hope that each town will have its own focus.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Our first Easy Town will focus on the neurological patient. Everything is centred around that: research, treatment, making the town part of the healing process, giving the damaged brain stimuli and so on. But I think every other town could have a focus of its own. I am dreaming of a town that focuses on fashion. A vibrant centre for dot.international. And while I love Japan and Rebun Island, my home, I have a great fondness for New Zealand and its people. And I’d love to build dot.city there. Besides, I love the Maori body paintings and their work with feathers. It would be great to learn from them. I already had a chat with Tangaoroa from the New Zealand Team. He’s sceptical, but I think he might open up, given time.’
‘Hm. How would you focus a town on fashion?’
‘Simple, we’d have everything we need to create, produce and present fashion. And we’d teach all the arts of everything involved: tailoring, drawing, design, composition (…)

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42 towns and counting

in images

Just in case you’re wondering how these images came about. I like to play with colours and forms to relax, and I like it even better when a little bit of thinking and imagining is still involved.

You can download the graphics collection here.

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