42 towns and counting

42 towns and counting

42 towns and counting

ideas for thriving and inspiring towns

To be published: in summer 2022

42 towns and counting by Charlie Alice Raya is a collection of ideas for thriving and inspiring towns.

The town list for this collection is now complete and contains ideas for 77 towns.

It will take some more weeks to transcribe and edit all the notes and sketches for these towns. In the meantime, you can take a look at the accompanying graphics and teasers.

And you can download the graphics & teasers collection for free – a bit of food for thought for the road.

If you have any question about a town idea, or if you would like to contribute to an idea, or challenge one of them, please get in touch.

The following is the present introduction to 42 towns and counting.


What if towns had a purpose, a mission, a focus? Something to aim for?

These questions were not on my mind when I started to make notes for Easy Town. Then, my questions were: what can be done to make the recovery process for neurological patients more effective, and how could the relatives and friends of patients be supported in such difficult times?

But as I kept working on the ideas for Easy Town and later started to write the book series, more town ideas emerged, and at their core are these questions: What if a town had a purpose, or a mission, or a focus? Or something to aim for?

The following 42+ town ideas are rough drafts, sometimes a collection of thoughts, little splashes, dots and notes for each town, sometimes a dialogue, mostly an exploration into what might be possible and how.

Among the features discussed in this collection are: the focus of a town and what that might imply, the composition of a town, its architecture & town planning, its businesses & business practices, its particular research questions, its environmental approaches & considerations, its societal and political questions and more.

While some of the town ideas (will) make an appearance in the easy town book series, most of the following ideas are additional to the series, and only some ideas, quotes and extracts from books 1-4 are included in this collection.

One of my favourite towns is missing from the list since including it would be too much of a spoiler.

This collection has become a journey into what is possible if we allow for new ideas and if we do some rethinking.

And it seems to me that every single of these town ideas has advantages over towns which simply house people, or guard the memory of some dead person, or some historical event, or some old church. The towns presented in this collection would not only be alive, they would create, inspire, thrive and live, I guess.

42 towns and counting in images

Towns with a focus on health

easy town
Hearts Beat Bridge
Skin Town
Ice Cream Springs
Cancer Sucks Lake
Cake Town
Health Creek
The Full Monty

Towns with a focus on special characteristics

Three Towns
Silent Town
Lulu Shore
Sqare Root Nest

Towns with a focus on natural resources

Bears Cross
Land Mills
Sea's Murmur
Metals & Minerals Bay

Towns with a focus on sustainability

Nopla Nowa Valley
Cycles Gate
Gardens Springs

Towns with a focus on arts

Sound City
Visual Art Splash
Design Metropolis
Arts Capital

Towns with a focus on crafts

Doves Creek
shoe port
Cabinet Green
Two Wheels Dawn
Iron Sparrow Brook
Original Craftsdom

Towns with a focus on technology & devices

straight forward mountain
Hub Gate

Towns with a focus on ways of life

The simple life
Dungeons Tree
Ritual Well

Towns with a focus on family and growing up

Orphans Paradise

Towns with a focus on consequences

No Laughs Home
Freebelt Meadows
Float Island

Towns with a focus on sexuality

Oceans Pride

Towns with a focus on discourse, research & learning

Thinkers Bay
Research Tree
Speakers Grounds
Journalsts Quay
Unlearn Wood
Libraries Point

Ideas tend to pop up. Some are content to float around for a while. Others are happy to stay inside a story. But some are pretty persistent.

They want to become – reality.

notes for 42 towns and counting

Just in case you’re wondering how these images came about. I like to play with colours and forms to relax, and I like it even better when a little bit of thinking and imagining is still involved.

You can download the graphics collection here.

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