seven years easy town

book 5, hiding & breaking

book 2, hiding and breaking, book cover

Hiding & breaking has all the ingredients of a great adventure: the night, the flight, the ride, the hunt, the deep forests, the threats, the challenges, the clashes, the riddles and more.

But before they hide and before so much breaks, Alice and her team embark on another journey around the world. This time they fly from London to Toronto, and from there they head south.

The rumours of danger increase while they travel south, but when the alarm is sounded, they are still surprised.
The travelling team splits in seconds, and only a small team join up with Alice again. Together they make their way to the one place that might be safe for them. They go analogue directly after the alarm and know little about what is happening, but at one point they witness a catastrophe that might be connected to them.

For days, they are on the run, not knowing what is going on, or why they are being hunted.

Eventually, they reach their hiding place. Days later, parcels start to arrive, and they get some answers and several puzzles. Quickly they realise that they might be able to end this mess if they manage to solve the puzzles that were sent to them.

‘I’m labour.’
‘No, you’re not. You’re Jane.’

book 5, hiding & breaking

‘Maybe we’re wrong.’
‘We obviously are,’ Andy retorted tired and on edge.
Alice grimaced. ‘What if, he didn’t refer to a specific password. What did he say? Alice is the key. Not Alice has the key. It’s me. I’m the key.’
Both men looked at Alice with raised eyebrows.
‘Don’t you see? The key is something that’s typical of me.’
‘Like bugging people?’ Andy said sceptically.

book 5, hiding & breaking

‘That’s me, right? The traitor?’
No one answered.

book 5, hiding & breaking


Everything is perfect

The first stop, Toronto

Back in New York

Travelling south


On the road



Through the forest

At the safe house

Leaving the cover

Back in town

The challenge

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