last updated 19 January 2021


What to expect from the Easy Town books?

Expect a story which takes you from a bold idea to seeing an exciting project come to life despite the threats from all directions: inside the team, from corporations, the public, governments and from personal demons.

Build into the stories are ideas, questions and challenges. At times the story embarks on an adventure, and in book 2 some magic enters the stage.


The overall story of the Easy Town Book Series is simple: A town experiment is planned in several stages, the town is built, the town gets into trouble, and some of the main characters mess things up. In fact, books 5-7 and 10 have very little to do with the town itself, except that none of these things would have happened without the town project.

And then, well, things get sorted out — sort of.

The end of the story surprised even me. More so, because it seems to make sense. Loose ends are tied up, and the town actually emerges as an intriguing model on all counts: society, economy and governance. And the main characters, well …

In the end, it’s the best of all endings: it’s beginnings.

There are roughly three major parts:

Part 1

Year 1&2 – drafting, shaping & building the town experiment (book 1,3,4)

Part 2

Year 3 to 4 – things get (really) messy and not just for the main characters (books 5+6, 8+9)

Part 3

End of Year 4 to 7 – wrapping up with two major adventures in the mix and a decision which effects not just the main characters (books 11+12)
(note: The story skips over most of year 6.)

Bridge books

There are three books I call bridge books. Those connect two major phases of the story and have a bit of a stand-alone character. Saying this, book 2 contains quite a few incidents which the main characters will remember in the following books.

Supplement books

There will probably be two supplement books. While belonging to a specific part of the story, they add to one or more books.

  • Jack’s notes
  • town press – special edition

It would also be fun to have some sort of illustrated companion for the series with all the maps, calculation, drafts of houses, layouts, illustrated ideas and maybe even comic versions of some scenes. But, that is something for the future.

Published book and work in progress

Book 1: beginning, or drafting a town experiment, was first published in September 2018 and republished in November 2020.

Book 2/1: travelling, and we need to talk about sex, was published in November 2020.

Book 2/2: travelling, and we still need to talk about sex, will be published in February 2021

Book 3, shaping, or it call be so easy, work in progress

book 1

beginning, or drafting a town experiment, by Charlie Alice Raya, book series: seven years easy town, cover

republished in November 2020

book 2/1

seven years easy town, book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part 1

published in November 2020

book 2/2

seven years easy town, book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part 3-7

publishing date: February 2021

book 3

book cover for book 3, shaping, by Charlie Alice Raya

publishing date: probably winter 2021

photo series, extreme colour, 2010-2011

photo series, extreme colour, 2010-2011
locations: Venice, Insel Usedom, Baltic Sea, Berlin

Further photo series by Charlie Alice Raya

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