seven years easy town

book 1, beginning

or drafting a town experiment

book 1, beginning, or drafting a town experiment, by Charlie Alice Raya

Preview: It all began with a letter

Pages: 486 pages, 131k words
Format: ePub
Price: €8.78 (incl. VAT)

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Alice Adler, a Berliner, sets out to convince Tom Holbon, the richest man on the planet, to build a town experiment. The aim of the experiment is to rethink — well, everything.

It’s not easy to get Tom on board, but eventually he agrees to finance the first draft for the town experiment.

With experts for all main teams coming together, Alice focuses on one team every week.

And by the by, ideas and questions for the town experiment come together.

At its core the Easy Town experiment is about being curious, about trying out visions, about exploring and playing around with ideas, testing the limits of the possible, daring to try out the unconventional, questioning the inevitable, allowing for complexity.’

book 1, beginning



  • Week 1
    Settling in
  • Week 2
    Health & Care
  • Week 3
    Economics & Business
  • Week 4
    Ecology & Agriculture
  • Week 5
    Arts & Crafts
  • Week 6
    Admin & Society
  • Week 7
    Research & Education
  • Week 8

Back in New York

First Easy Town Conference

Back at Tom’s