seven years easy town

book 1: beginning, or drafting a town experiment

snippets from book 1: a letter, give the world a shake, Jack fuming, playfulness questioned, snobs, why build a town experiment?, neurological patients, relatives of patients, she keeps not doing things no one else doesn’t do, a first meeting, the assistant, making things run, business rules, a blur, a Wednesday morning at the project, working out, challenging tech giants, gardens, religion, an outburst, moles, a nightmare, healthcare, sitting on the jetty, Hub Stations, Jack has a problem, business ideas, gendered fashion, rumours, durability, too smug for his own good, names, flying solo, Disney Dream Party, job security, job shaking, free trade, a bank, a football match, the first street layouts, a multi team meeting with Ecology & Agriculture, a clash, a surprise, movie critics, an Arts prank, Tom worried, more secrets, good news, demography, no talking to Alice, Alice lashes out, Jack has a sleepless night, Alice needs a break, a story for rainy days, teaching methods, mixing generations, a tense talk on the jetty, a secretive security company, conference rehearsal, Jack in doubts, Andy, Daria and Noel have a surprise for Alice, another talk on the jetty, Jack joins a secret meeting unwittingly, doubts about social media, numbers, Tom excited, a secret Hub meeting, Jack is surprised, Alice talks to a shadow on the screen, speech training, a summer scene, who rescues who?, role models, back in New York, the conference, a clash, a speech dismissed, two hours in a room, meeting a nervous global player, parties, smart toilets, meeting more big players, back at Tom’s, stars and a flying lion.

“I hope he’s curious enough to take a walk with me through the ideas. And I hope he’s sensible enough to take his time, before making any decision.”

Book 1, beginning

Alice Adler, from Berlin, convinces Tom Holbon, a billionaire from New York, to put together a team of experts.

At Tom’s estate, they compile a first draft for a town experiment which could help to rethink everything.

‘Enough people are talking about this or that idea, but we would create a complex microcosm and put everything to a practical test, be it ideas for businesses, health, architecture, ecology, society and every other field.’

book 1, beginning, tells the story of the first weeks of the projects. Alice focuses on one main team every week and after eight weeks the teams present their progress at The First Easy Town Conference in New York. By then the project has caught the attention of some big market players and some of them make an appearance during the conference weekend.

Settings and characters

That Tom Holbon is a billionaire and that book 1 takes place on his estate was a practical choice. I removed obstacles so that I could focus on exploring the town ideas.

Time, place, genre, rating

Time of the story: 2 March 2016 – 29 May 2016

Places: New York and Tom’s estate

Reality: The story is set in the real world and there are a few overlaps between fiction and reality.

Genre: political fiction
It’s best to expect questions rather than answers.

Rating: probably age 16
strong language: rarely unsuitable for younger readers: rarely

Some of the main characters

Alice Adler, born in Berlin, October 1972, freelancer in photography and web design. She studied business with a focus on finance and investment and some economics. First impression: sportive casual, unruly short dark hair.

Alice focuses on the project and dismisses any notion of admirers. Besides, she is fine with flying solo.
While team members learn to deal with her bluntness, her two outbursts before the conference are hard to stomach.

Tom Holbon, born in New York, March 1953, American businessman, programmer, the richest man on the planet, philanthropist, married to Fran Holbon. First impression: business casual, greying.

The growing friendship between Tom and Alice is severely tested when they clash at the conference.

Jack Harris, born in London, July 1972, famous actor. Jack Harris works internationally and mostly lives in London. He has three children (18, 16, 8) with his ex-wife. First impressions: ‘Bloody hell, I’ve seen this guy on screen.’ ‘Blimey, he’s hot.’

Jack Harris tries to find his place within the team and in connection to Alice. It does help that they work out together. Sort of.

‘You need an independent and curious mind to run an experiment like this.’

Book 1, beginning
seven years easy town, book 1: beginning, or drafting a town experiment, book cover

Price: approx. €8.76 (incl. VAT)
Pages: approx. 515, 138k
Format: ePub


Week 1 — Settling in
Week 2 — Health & Care
Week 3 — Economics & Business
Week 4 — Ecology & Agriculture
Week 5 — Arts & Crafts
Week 6 — Admin & Society
Week 7 — Research & Education
Week 8 — Design
New York
The First Easy Town Conference
Back at Tom’s


beginning, or drafting a town experiment will be republished

Price: €8.76 (incl. VAT)
Pages: 515, 138k
Format: ePub

READ the letter which started it all.