seven years easy town – book 1: beginning

Fed up with how the world is run?

So is Alice, not least after what happened to her friend Easy.

Alice wonders whether a town experiment could be a start to do something about the state of the world. Instead of trying to fix a failing system, she proposes to build a town where the very fabric of how economies and societies work can be questioned and alternatives can be tested.

With the billionaire Tom Holbon on board, the project doesn’t go unnoticed by governments, corporations, and the public. And, some wonder whether their interests would be at stake if the project became a success.

The first weeks of the project aren’t an easy ride. There are doubts, opposition, and even some spies. Luckily, a secretive security company takes an interest and offers Alice their help.

With Alice’s immense workload there are only a few people who get to know her better. Among them is Jack, and he is increasingly frustrated by Alice’s total blindness to his growing affection for her. And, it doesn’t help that she lashes out when someone else proposes to her.

A few more details

Time of the story: 02 March 2016 – 29 May 2016
Places: New York and Tom’s estate

Suspense: quite a bit
Violence: moderate
Humour: some sprinkles
Romance: a few hints

Reality: The story is set in the real world, and there are a few overlaps between fiction and reality.
Rating: probably age 16
There are three or four instances where strong language is used.
While there are no sex scenes in this book, there are one or two paragraphs which are unsuitable for younger readers.

seven years easy town, book 1: beginning, First drafts for a town experiment, book cover

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photography: Ellen Paschiller

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Easy Town Book Series

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Easy Town Book Series

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Easy Town Book Series

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Easy Town Book Series