Animals in the book series

last updated: 24 February 2022 Animals in the easy town book series Book 1apes, ducks, cows, eagle, lion, worm, blue whale, butterflies, deer, hens, horses, fish, whale, shrimp book 2/1, travelling, San Francisco, USa jaguar book 2/1, travelling, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilmice no rats, stuffed jaguars book 2/1, travelling, Buenos…

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locations of the easy town book series

last updated: 13 May 2022 Locations of the easy town book series Book 1New YorkTom’s estate (some two hours from New York)a secret location mentioned: Berlin, London and more Book two connects to over forty countries on nearly all continents. In the following lists you will find the countries visited…

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main teams, banner, by charlie alice raya

The main teams

last updated: 27 June 2022 The main teams from book 1, beginning, at the first Easy Town meeting I cannot think of a single aspect of the town, its economy, its design or its people that might not be of interest to us. In fact, part of our initial work…

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