stories within the story

last updated, 14 November 2021 stories within the story INTRO The easy town books are full of stories. Not just the main stories but also stories within the story and even untold stories. A story within the story can have different sources. For example:A teacher goes on a journey is…

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banner, the beauty of modern slavery, by Charlie Alice Raya

The beauty of modern slavery

The beauty of modern slavery rethinking business practices Pages: 140 pages, 26k wordsFormat: ePubPrice: €3.59 (incl. VAT) Introduction One of the things that shocked me most during the Coronavirus pandemic was the realisation of how many people from East Europe labour on western European fields and in western food processing…

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dot international, fashion

dot international a business model for a fashion company rethinking business practices coming soon Pages: Format: ePubPrice: € (incl. VAT) Introduction How fashion came into the story There were many Easy Town stories before the story you’ll find in the book series. And in every story, Alice had a personal fashion…

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the Hub, let's build the Hub and be done with the tech giants, by Charlie Alice Raya

The Hub

The Hub Let’s build the Hub and be done with the tech giants extracts collection with extracts from book 1, beginning & book 2, travelling plus additional material rethinking business practices extracts collectioncoming soon Pages: approx. 212Format: ePubPrice: € (incl. VAT) With the support we propose for the Hub Stations,…

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