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dot. e-book, ePub

a business model for a fashion company

by Charlie Alice Raya

The book introduces the ideas for, a business model for the fashion industry, which empowers creators and craftspeople, and strengthens local communities, making a statement for the dignity and uniqueness of every human being.

The book includes a collection of scenes from book 1, beginning & from book 2, travelling, also by Charlie Alice Raya, plus extensive additional material such as dot.perspectives and dot.structures, as well as notes on businesses which could use the dot.model as a blueprint for rethinking their business practices.

The dot.tour and the book stations tour, which are also available online, are included in this download.

3 files, ePub
dot.tour, pdf
book stations tour, pdf

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rethinking business practices

small budget offer, rethinking business practices

Small budget offer – rethinking business practices

The Hub, the book, by Charlie Alice Raya, book cover
dot., the book, by Charlie Alice Raya, book cover
dot.story by Charlie Alice Raya, book cover

The Hub
& dot.

Explore the business ideas for the Hub (a new internet platform) and for dot. (a business model which empowers designers, craftspeople and communities).

The Hub, ePub
The Hub Tour, pdf, ePub
dot.story, ePub
The dot.tour, pdf
The book stations tour, pdf

6 files

Price: €12.77 (incl. VAT)

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sex talk, volume 1

sex talk, volume 1, limping, by Charlie Alice Raya

We need to talk about sex

volume 1


sex-related extracts from book 2/1, travelling and from book 1, beginning

Pages: 161 pages
Format: ePub
Price: €4.93 (incl. VAT)

sex talk, volume 2

sex talk, volume 2, sexuality mess, by Charlie Alice Raya

We still need to talk about sex

volume 2

sexuality mess

sex-related extracts from book 2/2, travelling, including the penis trauma

Pages: 128 pages
Format: ePub
Price: €4.36 (incl. VAT)


Jack’s movies

Jack's movies

Triple Pack – Jack’s movies

Jack is one of the main characters in the easy town stories. He is a famous British actor, and some of his movies have become part of the easy town story.

The South Africa chapter of book 2/1, travelling features two of those movies, and this collection presents both movies in their context, including related scenes and quotes, plus the original chapter to explore how the movies are intertwined with the story.

This collection includes:

  • Breaking the Cycle, ePub
  • Blane’s family trees, pdf
  • The Invention of Evil, ePub
  • & book 2/1, travelling, South Africa, ePub

Price: €5.64 (incl. VAT)
Format: ePub, 4 files