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a business model for a fashion company

by Charlie Alice Raya

The book introduces the ideas for, a business model for the fashion industry, which empowers creators and craftspeople, and strengthens local communities, making a statement for the dignity and uniqueness of every human being.

The book includes a collection of scenes from book 1, beginning & from book 2, travelling, also by Charlie Alice Raya, plus extensive additional material such as dot.perspectives and dot.structures, as well as notes on businesses which could use the dot.model as a blueprint for rethinking their business practices.

The dot.tour and the book stations tour, which are also available online, are included in this download.

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dot.tour, pdf
book stations tour, pdf

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small budget offer, rethinking business practices

Small budget offer – rethinking business practices

The Hub, the book, by Charlie Alice Raya, book cover, the book, by Charlie Alice Raya, book cover
dot.story by Charlie Alice Raya, book cover

The Hub
& dot.

The Hub, ePub
The Hub Tour, pdf, ePub
dot.story, ePub
The dot.tour, pdf
The book stations tour, pdf

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