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Welcome to the Easy Town Blog. You’ll find general posts on the book series and on writing as well as posts relating to the specific books. There are also some miscellaneous bits and pieces. Have a good time reading and let me know if you have any observations or questions.

General posts on the Easy Town Book Series

What is the Easy Town idea about?

The best way to discover the Easy Town idea is to read book 1: beginning. And, I am not just saying this to boost sales. It’s actually true.

However, I sympathise with impatience. So, here are a few hints.

The Easy Town idea is based on the assumption that our economies and societies are pretty screwed.

Why I chose to write the story

When I had the idea to write down the Easy Town daydream, I flinched. While the Easy Town idea originated in what happened to my friend Easy, the book series originated in a daydream.

More about book 2: travelling

Book 2: The things I didn’t expect to write about

last updated: 5 November 2019, Charlie Alice Raya Book 2: The things I didn’t expect to write about I’m presently writing book 2, and I’m sometimes still surprised about the issues I didn’t expect to write about. You might, or might not know that the Seven Years Easy Town story originated in a daydream. You could say that…

Book 2: The journey disclosed

last updated: 21 September 2019, Charlie A Raya Book 2: The Journey Disclosed In book 2: travelling, Alice, Tom and a travelling team set out to visit nine of the sixteen international teams, and four of the nine main Hub Stations. In addition, they will meet with team members from New Zealand, officials in Beijing, and princes in…


Global Climate Strike Berlin

#fridaysforfuture Strikes and demonstrations for a future on our planet: 20th – 27th September 2019 >>> https://www.fridaysforfuture.org/ Also see speech by Greta Thunberg at the 2019 UN climate action summit in New York.

Just a few pics from the Climate Strike in Berlin.

It’s not Amazon’s fault

20 June 2019, Charlie A Raya It’s not Amazon’s fault If we care about independent shops and producers as well as a future that is moulded by a multitude of independent talents then we have to stop using giants like Amazon. It’s not Amazon who destroys a healthy and multi-layered economy, it’s the customer and…

You are anonymous

Now, that most websites sport some cookie preferences banner, I thought it was time to introduce a little badge to tell you that this website happily operates without cookies.

Supporting climate actions

Since there seem to be a number of politicians (at least in Germany) who believe that only the young care for the future of this planet, I’ve decided to create this little graphic and put it in the footer of this website to show my support for Fridays for future and climate actions.


Working with Gutenberg part 1: column width, flexible and single column

last updated: 7 July 2019 Working with Gutenberg This post has nothing to do with the Easy Town Book Series and everything with this website. By now, I have built and rebuilt a few websites with the Gutenberg Editor, and I like it. Yes, you need a steady hand, some ingenuity, patience to get the…

Working with Gutenberg, part 2: reusable blocks

last updated: 7 July 2019 Gutenberg: Reusable blocks I use reusable blocks for two tasks. Either to save a layout I want to use again, or to create a layout with identical content I want to use on several pages within the website. Let’s have a closer look at both. Saving a layout Even within…

Working with Gutenberg: part 3, inline images, buttons, css and misc

last updated: 7 July 2019 Inline images Luckily, this is really simple now. It was a bit of a mess when Gutenberg was first launched. Now, you simply insert a picture above the text of your choice and select the position of the picture (see example right). You can use a spacer above the image…

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