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Workshop of the sculptor Karl Menzen before he moved, photos: Alice Raya, 2015

In order to make content available to those with little time or specific interests, some extracts collections are available.

These extracts from book 1 and 2 usually contain conversations or statements on a specific (kind of) subject.

A subject is never fully explored, but you can find interesting questions, thoughts or speculations.

Extracts mostly don’t contain significant spoilers and focus on discussions or statements which require little or no story background.

Whenever more story background is required, some additional quotes and notes are included.

At some point, there will be a few short e-books on related subjects such as rethinking publishing or 42 towns and counting. These e-books might contain a quote or an extract from one of the books, but they mostly contain additional material.

Extracts from book 1&2 and additional material

Business models

extracts, The Hub

The Hub

Let’s build the Hub and be done with the tech giants


This is a collection of extracts from book 1 & 2 about the Hub. The Hub is both an idea for a business model and an idea for a new internet platform.

The Hub started out as the project’s own social media platform and has evolved into an internet within the internet.

[Jack] ‘(…) So what is the Hub?’
‘It’s all social media in one castle,’ Noel proclaimed with pride. ‘Without the advertising or data collecting. And you get to decide whether your castle is a simple two-dimensional space with just a phone booth to call your kids, or a three-dimensional palace with nearly endless rooms (…)’

(book 1, beginning, week 7)

Hub users pay an equivalent of one euro a month in return for ad-free online services, privacy, full control over features, algorithms and designs.

Noel stood up and declared solemnly: ‘This is the end of big brother. This is the restoration of our privacy and self-determination. This is us, getting our lives back.’

(book 1, beginning, week 1)

Pages: 212, 34k
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extracts, dot.international


a business model for a fashion company



main extracts and thoughts on dot.international

  • Brainstorming for town businesses, book 1, week 3
  • dot.international, book 2/1, Australia
  • dot. international principles


book 2/1, travelling

  • Urns, San Francisco
  • Hachiro, San Francisco
  • A show of respect, South Africa

book 2/2, travelling

  • Who do I want to be? China
  • dot. in China?
  • Otaon
  • Jesse, Australia & Romania
  • The prince and the queen, Russia
  • Berlin

PART III – additional material from book 1

  • Job shaking
  • Price per task

This collection includes the story of Princess Marlana.

Pages: 116, 20k
Price: €1.85 (incl. VAT)

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rethinking publishing, a rough draft,, easy town books, Charlie Alice Raya

Rethinking publishing

a rough draft (additional material)

coming up

digesting, coexisting, extracts, book 2, Charlie Alice Raya


A train of thoughts and a magic valley


This collection includes two extracts from book 2, travelling

book 2/1, travelling, Flight to Sydney

digesting instead of blocking

book 2/2, travelling, China

Coexisting, a magic valley

‘You are not wrong. We have made our world into an artificial world. It’s not properly alive any more.’

Digesting, book 2, travelling

Pages: 22, 5k
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the relation between human and nature

rethinking business practices

extracts, book 1&2, modern slavery, rethinking business

The beauty of modern slavery

and rethinking business practices



  1. Foreword

book 1, beginning

  1. The beauty of modern slavery, at the conference
  2. Exploitation, week 3

book 2/1, travelling

  1. We are all for freedom, Brazil
  2. Racism, colonialism and the superiority complex, South Africa
  3. Slavery, South Africa
  4. White Africans, South Africa
  5. Raw materials, Flight to Sydney
  6. Cheers to all the bastards, Australia
  7. What’s best for humans, Australia
  8. Brexit, and the EU needs a rethink, Australia

book 2/2, travelling

  1. Balances, China
  2. Going in circles, China
  3. Refugees, Otaon
  4. The time of the dwarfs, Romania
  5. Second class humans, Romania
  6. We can do better, on a global scale, Romania

additional extracts

  1. Rethinking the way we do business, book 1
  2. The Hub, a business model, book 1&2
  3. dot.international, a business model, Australia
  4. The flare up, at the conference

If you don’t mind some spoilers, then this is the extracts collection to get a better idea of what this series is about.

The Hub and dot.international are introduced in this collection, for more details see the Let’s build the Hub and be done with the tech giants and dot.international.

‘Ah, the beauty of modern slavery,’ Alice said with gusto.
She paused and took in the mixed reactions from the audience before she continued with a hint of mockery in her voice: ‘Modern slavery serves us so beautifully, and we don’t even have to see it.’

The beauty of modern Slavery, book 1

Pages: 104, 21k
Price: €1.84 (incl. VAT)

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rethinking, question to consider, easy town books, charlie Alice Raya, cover


Questions to consider (additional material)

coming up

Food for thought

42 towns and counting, easy town books, Charlie Alice Raya, cover

42 towns and counting

brief town ideas based on the ideas for Easy Town (additional material)

including a few extracts from book 1, beginning and book 2, travelling

coming up

limping, we still need to talk about sex, extracts from book 2, charlie Alice Raya, cover

We need to talk about sex, limping

sex-related extracts from book 2/1 and book 1


This is a collection of sex-related discussions and incidents from book 1, beginning and book 2/1, travelling.

‘You know,’ Alice said, suddenly sombre. ‘I wish we could just face all the sex issues and then move on. So many things are more important than our sexuality. But our sexuality fucking fucks with us.’

book 2/2, travelling, Russia

Extracts from book 2/1, travelling, and we need to talk about sex

Prelude, US

  • Nudity

Happy Flying, US

  • We need to talk about sex

San Francisco, US

  • Urns
  • Property
  • Couple therapy
  • Sex jokes
  • Perspectives
  • LGBTQ+
  • Homosexuality, an intrusion?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Copacabana Beach
    • What’s wrong with a girls night?
    • Hoping to be liked
    • So, what’s wrong with a girls night?
    • Traumatic run-ins with women
    • What’s the idea of a girls night?
    • Women prison and inferiority complexes
    • A world run by women
    • I never wanted to be a woman
    • Trouble with the body
    • Limping
    • Boys night and penis length
    • Prejudice
    • Evasive gender
  • This is Rio, best place for gays

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • You have to fuck
  • Your dick is not a weapon
  • Abortion and the Catholic Church
  • Trustworthy men
  • Sex and populism
  • Sex talk, a journey
  • Exploring why we do stupid things
  • Why does fear smell?

South Africa

  • Friends
  • Colours of the skin, HIV and a priest
  • De-scandalising sex

Sydney, Australia

  • Urns rebooted
  • Sexiness as weapon among women?

Time off, Australia

  • Beauty

Extracts from book 1, beginning, or drafting a town experiment

  • The vilification of the body
  • Porn
  • Happy parents
  • Why don’t you have children?
  • Pregnancy nightmare
  • Gendered outfits
  • Singledom
  • Losing it
  • Sexual orientation
  • One night stands, affairs, relationships and marriage
  • Who rescues who?
  • Jerks of my mother’s making
  • Role models
  • Abortion

Pages: 161, 30k
Price: €2.44 (incl. VAT)

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the penis trauma, we still need to talk about sex, extracts from book 2, charlie Alice Raya, cover

The penis trauma

extracts with a focus on the why of sexual violence


About an hour later, Alice felt a rush of excitement.
Could this be an explanation? Of sorts?
She had to talk to someone. But who? Who would be open enough to even think about this?
Alice stared at the screen in front of her, then back at the notepad she had been scribbling on.
Leo. Of course. Leo.

book 2/2, travelling, Flight to Beijing

This collection includes extracts from both parts of book 2, travelling.

book 2/2, travelling

  • Some notes on domestic violence, Flight to Beijing
  • The penis trauma, Flight to Beijing
  • Bulges and urges, Russia
  • What are women for?, Otaon
  • Making each other, Otaon
  • Is this how rape happens? Romania

book 2/1, travelling

  • You have to fuck, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Your dick is not a weapon, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Nku killed her, Cape Town, South Africa

‘Well, eventually I asked myself a few questions about the male body and in particular about the penis.’
‘What?’ Leo exclaimed, suddenly sounding a lot more awake. ‘How would you even do that? You don’t have a male body and in particular not a penis.’
‘Yes, I noticed. That’s why I need to talk to someone who has.’

The penis trauma

Pages: 57, 12k
Price: €1.29 (incl. VAT)

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sexuality mess, we still need to talk about sex, extracts from book 2, charlie Alice Raya, cover

We still need to talk about sex, sexuality mess

sex-related extracts from book 2/2 including the penis trauma


Flight to Beijing, China

  • Some notes on domestic violence
  • The penis trauma
  • Sex talk in practical terms
  • Fixated on pointing out the differences between the sexes?
  • The body is the key. The key to what?


  • Palace Garden
  • Sex is a private matter
  • Only to have more sex?
  • What are women for?
  • Making each other
  • Beautiful women
  • Headscarves
  • Dressing sexy
  • They should have protected you
  • Get married!
  • What is worse: breasts or bleeding?


  • Is this how rape happens?
  • Relationships
  • The perfect balance between female and male

Flight to Moscow, Russia

  • Small men and the boyfriend
  • The Ball in Russia
  • The prince and the queen
  • The sea of boobs
  • Ares
  • The body must be a key
  • Bulges and urges
  • Tits and brains
  • More awkward stuff
  • Prostitution
  • Partners don’t just happen


  • Lesbians
  • All cards on the table


  • The narrative

Pages: 99, 24k
Price: €2.05 (incl. VAT)

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sex-related extracts from book 1&2

stories within the story

Nku killed her, extracts from book 2, Charlie Alice Raya, cover

Nku killed her


This short, single extract from the South Africa chapter is dedicated to all women and men who fight to end violence against women.

This extract is also published in The penis trauma and in We need to talk about sex, limping.

Pages: 4, 1k
Price: €0.56 (incl. VAT)

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Or free for everyone from South Africa

Free – get
breaking the cycle, Charlie Alice Raya, extract

Breaking the Cycle


While writing book 2, the topic of racism kept knocking on my door and kept finding ways to get into the story.

The extracts of this collection focus on the racism which is handed down from generation to generation.

The main piece, Breaking the Cycle, is a movie (so far only in the story), and it is retold by Jack Harris, a famous actor and one of the main characters in the book series.

The additional pieces, I am Walter Kunze and White Africans add thoughts about the guilt of our ancestors.


  • Foreword

  • I am Walter Kunze, Argentina

Breaking the Cycle, South Africa

  • A few days earlier
  • Before Jack tells the story
  • Breaking the cycle

  • White Africans, South Africa

Pages: 19, 3k
Price: €0.75 (incl. VAT)

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The invention of evil, extracts

The Invention of Evil


Jack Harris, one of the main characters in the book series, is a famous actor. He splits his time between the town project and his movie career.
Some of his movies are just mentioned in the story, some are recounted by him and, in the case of the Invention of Evil, Jack and Alice watch his movie together.

The monk

The invention of evil

How would you tell your experiment succeeded?

Pages: 30, 6k
Price: €0.91 (incl. VAT)

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Princess Marlana, extract, book 2/2, charlie alice raya

Princess Marlana


Extracts from book 2/2, Otaon and some additional on the fictitious art of deep energies from several parts in book 2

As a child, I loved the stories of Sinbad and Ali Baba. And when I thought about the travelling team’s visit to the Middle East, I wanted to capture some of this magic, and allow a whiff of fairy tales into the story.
This is one of the reasons why I eventually decided to let the travelling team visit a fictional, ancient kingdom in the Middle East and, of course, I called it Otaon.



The story of Princess Marlana and her guards in black

The story of the hunters fountain and the observer

The story of the snake, the witch and the mountain

The library and the story of the philosopher’s study and a special mind

These are often short extracts, but they have a magic of their own.

Pages: 25, 5k
Price: €0.84 (incl. VAT)

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about the easy town book series

background posts on the easy town books series, charlie Alice Raya, cover

easy town book series

A collection of background posts published on the easy town website (additional material)

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