Enquire about a photography

Most photographs on this website are from various photo series, I did between 2008 – 2016, some are singles. I’m happy to show you the originals (the banner cuts look great, the complete pictures usually not less so).
All photographs are available for purchase. I use WhiteWall for all prints (photography & Fine Art Prints (Hahnemühle).

I am sorry for not going into more detail, but this really is just an additional offer for those who are interested in one or the other photography on this website.

Besides, if you just have question about one photo or the other, please, don’t hesitate to contact me. Like most people, I love talking about my work. You can use the contact form.

Your options


I am happy to show you a wider selection of a series you are interested in, as well as the original cuts.


Enquire about photoprint options, or have a look at WhiteWall for options and prices on offer.

Fine Art Print

Especially the more abstract photographs look at their best on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper.


If you’d like to use one of my photos digitally or in print you can buy a licence.

Take a scroll stroll

This is how it works

Step 1

Send me a message, indicating which photograph you are interested in. Also add dimensions and paper if you have preferences.

You can also have a look at WhiteWall and get both inspiration for the kind of print you’d like, as well as an idea of the printing costs.

For licences: Please, specify in which way and to which extent you’d like to use one of my photographs.

Step 2

Scenario 1: no preferences. In this case I’ll tell you what kind of print and format is best suited for the photograph you are interested in.

Scenario 2: with preferences. In this case I will confirm whether or not your chosen photograph can be printed to your specifications.

In all cases (licence included), you’ll receive an invoice indicating all costs and the fee involved.

You accept the final price by settling the invoice.

If you don’t want to buy the photograph or the licence after all, please, send me a brief note to let me know about your decision.

Step 3

After receiving the confirmation of your payment, I’ll order your print from WhiteWall. Usually WhiteWall delivers within five working days. However, please, keep in mind that transport to your country might take longer.

In addition to your print, you’ll also receive a signed certificate for the photography from me.

In the case of a licence, you’ll receive a file adjusted to your requirements.

The price

The price for printed photographies includes: fee, printing costs, transport and VAT.

My fee is between €48 – €248, depending on the photograph and the size. All prints are limited editions with a maximum of 100 prints per specification.

For licences the fees vary a lot. I roughly go by the standard fees in Germany.

For more information also see the terms & conditions photography.


Option(s) you are interested in *
Your full address is required for the invoice and for the certificate / licence.