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photo series, title images for book 1-12 and more, easy town books, by Charlie Alice Raya

About the series

The overall story is simple: A town experiment is planned in several stages, the town is built, the town gets into trouble, and some of the main characters mess things up.

photo series, surfaces I, bark, by Charlie Alice Raya

The origins of the Easy Town idea

The call came on a Sunday in April 2012.

photo series, Venice mirror, 2011, by Charlie Alice Raya

The original story

Once the idea for an Easy Town was born, I frequently used stories to explore the ideas involved.

about the easy town books

PREVIEW BOOK 1, beginning

It all began with a letter

PREVIEW BOOK 2/1, travelling

Day 4 in Rio de Janeiro

PREVIEW BOOK 2/2, travelling

Flight to Beijing

workshop Karl Menzen, photo: Alice Raya

extracts collections

extracts about business models, rethinking business practices, religion, human and nature, rethinking towns, sex and stories within the story