How to buy a copy of the e-book

Step 1 – Order

Order your copy of the e-book by clicking on the button ‘order book 1: beginning’ and fill in the order form.

Step 2 – Confirm

Within 24 hours you’ll receive the invoice with the final price (taking the specific VAT of your country into account). For more on this see about the price.

Check the invoice and send me a brief confirmation that the invoice is correct and that you want to purchase the book.

Step 3 – Receive

You receive a copy of the e-book ‘book 1: beginning’.

The e-book will be sent to you via email within 24 hours.

Step 4 – Pay

Pay the invoice within seven days.

Learn more about the terms & conditions and the copyright regarding your purchase.

How to pre-order book 2: travelling

Step 1

Pre-order your copy of book 2: travelling.

You will receive the invoice for the special pre-order price of 7.77€ (incl. VAT) via email within 24 hours.

Step 2

Pay the invoice within seven days.

Step 3

You will be among the first to receive a copy of book 2: travelling.

The e-book will be sent to you via email (probably in December 2019).

You’ll be informed should there be any unforeseen delays.

Buy your e-book copy via Kobo

You can also buy a copy of book 1 via Kobo. If you buy via Kobo you will receive the e-book file directly from Kobo.

Why I don’t use an online shop (solutions).

I’ll write in a bit more detail about this soon. For now, I’ll just point out that I didn’t like any of the shop systems I tested. Presently, I don’t have the time to develop as system that is slim, protects the customers, and provides what I require: simplicity, clarity, non-manipulation, and refraining from working with companies, I don’t want to work with.

Using Amazon, Apple, Google, and Co

I don’t work with any of the above companies. It seems to me, they have earned enough money as it is :-). Luckily, for all Mac users, ePub files will open without problem on any Mac system. If you are a Kindle user (Amazon), please, let me know. In that case I’ll send you a mobi-file of the e-book. Alternately you can convert the ePub file into mobi yourself if you prefer.

Why I don’t use DRM Protection

I am no friend of people who hand around copies of books illegally, and I’d happily protect my work. However, on researching DRM Protection, the first thing that came up, was how to remove the DRM protection. So, it seems a useless exercise to include it. The lack of the DRM protection is not an invitation to share my work in any way. Please, see the terms & conditions and the copyright information before you purchase a book.


Step 1

Open the delivery email, and save the attached e-book on your computer or directly onto the device you want to use for reading.

It doesn’t matter where you save the e-book. You just have to make sure that you find it again.

Step 2

If you already have an e-reader, you can skip this step.

As a PC user you can download one of the following e-readers, and see which suits you best: Icecream E-Book Reader, Calibri, Sumatra PDF

Step 3

You can either click directly on the e-book file and it should open your e-reader.

Or you open your e-reader and choose the book from the display.

If you want to read the book on an additional device, copy the e-book to this device.

Enjoy reading.

seven years easy town, book 1: beginning, First drafts for a town experiment, book cover

Price: €13.02 (incl. VAT)
Pages: approx. 430 pages
Format: e-book (ePub)

seven years easy town, book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part 1

Pre-order part 1&2 for: € 7.77 (incl. VAT)
Pages: approx. 920 pages
Format: e-book (ePub)

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