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The key quotes collections focus on key statements, key ideas and key scenes regarding the easy town project.

quotes book 1

At its core the Easy Town experiment is about being curious, about trying out visions, about exploring and playing around with ideas, testing the limits of the possible, daring to try out the unconventional, questioning the inevitable, allowing for complexity.

book 1, beginning

key quotes, volume 1

key quotes

volume 1, book 1

Book 1, beginning tells the story of the first weeks of a town project — the drafting phase. During this time, the project teams cover a lot of ground from health care to business models, from ecological questions to the integration of arts and crafts, from new approaches to admin to an idea called the education squares, and all aspects of design from town planning to technological innovations. And programming plays a special role, be it for business scenarios or the invention of the Hub.

The key quotes and key scenes from book 1, beginning are published in this first volume.

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quotes book 2/1

Our town experiment is not about cosying up to any political or economical view, and even less to anyone’s interests. We need to be independent. That’s the only way to explore how we can live on this planet without screwing said planet and ourselves.

book 2, travelling, San Francisco

key quotes, volume 2

key quotes

volume 2, book 2

In book 2, part of the project team travel around the world to build an international network for the town project. However, the travelling team doesn’t often get a chance to focus on their ideas and plans for the town. That is why some chapters of book 2 only contribute a few key quotes to this collection. Other chapters, like South Africa, China and Romania add whole scenes.

What makes a town thrive, coexisting with nature, society, business practices and more are discussed.

The key quotes and key scenes from book 2, travelling are published in this second volume.

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quotes from book 2/2, travelling

No matter where you go, no matter your own prejudices or even grievances, there are always people around with brains and cojones!

book 2/2, travelling, Berlin

key quotes, volume 1
key quotes, volume 2

key quotes

volume 1 & 2, book 1 & 2

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key quotes, volume 1

volume 1

  • About this collection
  • What you need to know beforehand

Before the start of the project

  • Alice and Jack talk for the first time
  • Alice and Tom meet for the first time
  • special: The origins of the Easy Town Idea
  • key scene: What’s Easy Town about?
  • Alice and Tom meet for the first time continued
  • At the first official Easy Town meeting

Preparing the first draft for the town project

  • week 1, Settling in
  • week 2, Health & Care
  • key scene: Products produced in town
  • week 3, Business
  • key scene: Job models & price per task
  • week 3, Economics
  • week 4, Ecology & Agriculture
  • week 5, Arts & Crafts
  • week 6, Admin & Society
  • week 7, Research & Education
  • week 8, Back in New York

At the first Easy Town Conference

  • Q & A
  • key scene: The team presentations
  • Meetings
key quotes, volume 2

volume 2

  • About this collection
  • What you need to know beforehand

book 2/1, travelling

  • travelling, San Francisco
  • travelling, Rio de Janeiro
  • travelling, Buenos Aires
  • travelling, South Africa
  • key scene: digesting
  • key scene: raw materials
  • travelling, Australia
  • key scene: The Hub Station
  • key scene:
  • key scene: Cheers to all the bastards
  • key scene: Zoo at breakfast
  • key scene: Brexit in a fish restaurant
  • key scene: A town visit
  • key quotes on religions
  • key quote on ease
  • key scene: Sitting

book 2/2, travelling

  • travelling, Flight to Beijing
  • travelling, China
  • key meetings, day 2
  • key meetings, day 3
  • key scene: Surprise
  • another key quote
  • travelling, Otaon
  • key dialogue: religions and more
  • travelling, Romania
  • key scene: The time of the dwarfs
  • key scene: Crofts
  • key scene: Bell towers, the first town ever, and the yards idea
  • key scene: We can do better on a global scale
  • key scene: More than one town?
  • key dialogue: Jack’s daughter is on a roll
  • key dialogue: Working through the dull stuff
  • travelling, Russia
  • travelling, Berlin