Main characters

Alice Adler, born in Berlin, October 1972. Before the project, she worked as a freelancer in photography and web design. First impression: sportive casual, unruly short dark hair

[additional note] Alice’s surname Adler means eagle in English.

Leo Jones, born in Bristol, England, April 1968, personal assistant with experience in international projects. First impression: gay casual, short blond hair.

Jazz, born in London, July 1982, security expert and martial arts instructor. First impression: athletic, stern, thick curly crown of short dark hair.

Tom Holbon, born in New York, March 1953, American businessman, programmer, philanthropist, married to Fran Holbon. One of the richest man on the planet. First impression: business casual, greying.

Jack Harris, born in London, July 1972, famous actor. Jack Harris works internationally and mostly lives in London. He has three children (18, 16, 8) with his ex-wife. First impressions: ‘Bloody hell, I’ve seen this guy on screen.’ ‘Blimey, he’s hot.’

Andy Lawrence, born in London, March 1982, programmer. Before the project, Andy worked for Tom in the US. First impression: sloppy casual, shortish dark hair.

Daria Dodds, born in Seattle, US, January 1992, programmer. Before the project, Daria worked for Tom. First impression: cool casual girluy, short spiky black hair.

Daria only gets two brief scenes and a mention in book 2, but she’ll be back in book 3.