Q & A, limited editions

including terms & condition plus privacy policy regarding the limited editions

What is a limited edition?

A limited edition as offered on the easy town website refers to the print of a photograph with a specific format and material, and produced with a specific production method (pigment print, photo print).

Limiting an to 111 copies means that this photograph will only be printed 111 times with the stated specifications.

For example, the photograph act 1, 2011 is on offer in two limited editions.
Firstly, as part of the series wall dissolved in 12 acts. The print has a format of 30 x 20 cm. Secondly, act 1, 2011 is offered as part of the series title images. This print has a format of 75 x 50.
One image, two limited editions.

In addition, each photograph is limited to 7 editions. This means, overall a photograph can have up to 777 prints in 7 editions.

In a few cases, like the cow, a single edition can have 777 prints, which is the maximum number a single edition can have. This means a few photographs are available at a maximum of 5,439 prints in 7 editions.

What does 111/222 mean?

Some photographs are available as single photographs AND as part of an assembly.

Since the specifications are the same for the single photographs and for those of the assembly, each photograph belongs to the same limited edition. But only 111 prints are available as single print while the other 111 prints are only available as part of the complete set.

This applies to the series wall dissolved in 12 acts, and to the series chapter trees.
It doesn’t apply to light dance, because the single image has a different specification to the images used in the 15 parts set.

What does 2011/20 mean?

The first year is the year the photograph was taken. The second year is the year the photograph was edited, usually with a special method such as experimenting with colours.

photo series, surfaces I, bark, by Charlie Alice Raya
photo series, surfaces I, 2011 & 2016, rocks collection by Charlie Alice Raya
photo series, surfaces II, 2015, Feldberger Seenlandschaft, tree bark collection by Charlie Alice Raya


What is a Hahnemühle Fine Art Print?

A Hahnemühle Fine Art print is a superior pigment print on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper.

What is Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper?

Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper is a high quality paper, often used for reproductions shown at exhibitions, or offered as limited editions.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper is a textured paper which allows for excellent image quality and brilliant colour gradation. And it is highly durable.

What is a pigment print?

Epson UltraChrome Pro pigments ensure the finest tonal gradation for Fine Art Prints. Six colours and three shades of black provide nuances and emphasise every detail.

The photographs are reproduced at an ultra-high resolution of 1,440 dpi with perfect grey balance and with long-lasting colours.

Who is WhiteWall?

All Fine Art Prints offered on the easy town website will be produced by the printer WhiteWall.

WhiteWall offers unique know-how in printing.

It guarantees high-quality Hahnemühle papers, and it ensures perfect results for Fine Art Prints.

In 2021 WhiteWall was awarded “Best Photo Lab” for the fourth time by the TIPA Awards.

Find out more about WhiteWall >>>

photo series, surfaces III, winter sun tree barks, 2020, by Charlie Alice Raya
photo series, surfaces IV, nature, 2010-12, by Charlie Alice Raya
photo series, surfaces V, bricks and walls, 2010-12, by Charlie Alice Raya

colours and frames

What will the colours on the print be like?

Colours deviate.

The colours of the Fine Art Print will be somewhere between what you see on the website, and what you see in the catalogue.

However, since Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper has an excellent quality, and pigment prints provide brilliant colours, you can be sure to receive a high quality print.

Can I order a frame for my Fine Art Print?

Theoretically, yes.

But if you buy your frame from a local frame maker, you are supporting your local economy.

A good frame makers knows which frames to recommend for which photograph, but I am happy to make recommendations too.

You can send your questions to photography@easy-town.org

photo series, nature moved, by Charlie Alice Raya
photo series, city moved, by Charlie Alice Raya

Ordering – How does it work?

Step 1
choose & buy

After paying, you will receive a download link for your confirmation pdf.

Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been accepted and is being processed.

Step 2

WhiteWall produces the Fine Art Print and sends it to the photographer within 7 days.

Step 3
checking, signing and shipping

The photographer checks the print, signs it, and adds a certificate for the limited edition.

Within 3 days, the complete pack will be sent to you in WhiteWall’s secure packaging.

Step 4
arrival, framing and hanging

Check your Fine Art Print on arrival.

Take your print to a local frame maker, or frame it yourself.

Find a place for it.


Step 5

Each photograph has a special story, and it would great to hear how that story develops.

Ordering – additional questions

Can I purchase a photograph in a different format?

You can suggest a limited edition photograph for an additional limited edition.

However, some photographs don’t work in smaller or bigger formats.

Take for example light dance.
Those photographs work best in small formats.

If possible and recommendable an additional limited edition will be opened.

Can I purchase a photograph which isn’t on offer?

You can suggest any photograph on the website for a limited edition.

And you can add a suggestion for a format, material and the extend of the limited edition.

Your suggestions will be checked and if possible and recommendable an additional limited edition will be opened.

Delivery time and delivery costs

Delivery times vary depending on where in the world you are.

WhiteWall usually takes 5-7 days to produce the print.

It might take another 2-3 days to check, sign and forward the print to your address.

You will receive emails after the order with WhiteWall has been placed, and when the signed print has been posted to you.

Overall delivery times can take between 20-40 days.

The delivery costs are included in the price.

What if my Fine Art Print doesn’t fit?

You can return the Fine Art Print within 30 days after posting.

The thirty days start on the day of posting the print to you.

The date on your return package is the relevant date to determine whether or not the print was returned within 30 days.

In short: sender date = start of 30 days
postmark of return package can’t be later than 30 days after posting.

In the case of an undamaged return of the Fine Art Print, the price you paid will be refunded in full.

The transport costs for the return will not be refunded.

photo series, Venice mirror, 2011, by Charlie Alice Raya
photo series, lines, Seebad Ahlbeck, 2010, by Charlie Alice Raya
photo series, Luzin mirror, 2015, by Charlie Alice Raya

What happens if the photographer receives a faulty print?

If the print delivered by WhiteWall doesn’t meet with the photographer’s expectations, the delivery to the customer will be delayed, and a new print will be ordered.

The customer will be informed about the delay, and if necessary about changes in the specifications.

The photographer reserves the right to change specifications

The photographer reserves the right to change the specifications regarding the paper or method used for the reproduction of the ordered photograph, and/or the format of the photograph.

Should a change in material, method or format become necessary or preferable, the customer will be informed of the change and of the reasons behind the change.

The customer can agree to the changes.

In that case the photograph will be produced according to the new specifications.

The price for the photograph will not change for the customer who ordered it even if the new specifications incur higher costs.

If the new specifications are unacceptable or undesirable to the customer, the customer can cancel the order within 3 days (not counting the weekend).

In case of a cancellation due to changes regarding the specifications of a photograph print, the price paid by the customer will be returned in full and as soon as possible.

A refund can take up to 7 days, and depending on where in the world the customer lives, and which banks are involved, it might take longer.

What if I receive a damaged shipment?

Contact us.

Provide proof of the damage.

And return the damaged shipment.

You can either re-order the print, or you’ll receive a refund for the price you paid including the return-delivery costs.

The new print will be ordered once the damaged shipment is back with the photographer.

The refund is due within two weeks after the damaged shipment is back.

glimpse, 2014
photo series, colours extreme by Charlie Alice Raya
photo series, light dance, Berlin, 2011, by Charlie Alice Raya

Why is there a download pdf file?

In order to avoid data hungry applications, this website uses a small application to process sales.

This application was built to sell digital downloads. So, in order to use it for the limited editions, there needs to be something to download.

The download pdf includes a copy of your Fine Art Print, and a copy of the Q & A page.

What happens with my private data when I download the limited editions catalogue?

The application used for the free downloads requires a full name and an email address.

However, you can enter fake data since the download link will be displayed after you click on purchase.

If you enter an existing email address, you will receive an email with the download link.

In both cases, the name and the email address entered will be deleted within seven days of the download.

The only reason I use this way for the catalogue downloads is to get an idea of how often the catalogue has been downloaded.

In no case will your data be shared, sold, used, analysed, or kept beyond the seven days.

What happens with my private data when I buy a limited edition?

Your private data is exclusively used to correspond with you regarding your order, to issue your limited edition certificate, to issue your invoice, and to send your Fine Art Print to your address.

Once all transactions are completed, and the 30-days within which you can return the print are past, most of your data and correspondence will be deleted.

This includes all your emails and your email address, and the data recorded about your purchase by the easy town website.

All this data will be deleted within 50 days after posting your Fine Art Print.

The only data that will be kept is a record of you as the legitimate owner of a limited edition, and a copy of your invoice.

This includes the copy of your certificate, printed and as file, plus an entry in the owner list.

This data will be kept indefinitely on a secure hard drive.

A copy of your invoice will be kept for ten years, in accordance with the German tax law.

No part of your data will be shared with any third party, nor will it be analysed or used in any other way or form.

An exception to these rules can occur when legal action due to a legal disagreement, copyright violations or fraud make the involvement of a third party necessary.

burdened, 2009
photo series, title images for book 1-12 and more, easy town books, by Charlie Alice Raya
photos misc, 2010-21, by Charlie Alice Raya
photo series, title images for book 1-12 and more, easy town books, by Charlie Alice Raya

Why are these photo series on display now?

I did the major bulk of my artistic photographic work in 2010 and 2011.

In 2012, a lot of things in my life went belly up, and I lost sight of my artistic photographic work.

In the following years, I rarely did any artistic work. Even less so when I started to do commercial photo shoots in 2013.
When I reviewed my work in recent months, I was actually surprised to find any photographs at all from 2012.

A few times over the last decade, I put some time into presenting my work, but in the end, I was too busy with too many other things to make any effort stick.
Four images of the photo series light dance made it into a show in a small gallery in Berlin, some works were sold privately as limited editions, some were gifted to customers.

Then came 2020, and I got sick and bored. I had already used a number of photographs to add some colour to the easy town website, but with feverish time on my hands, I went over my photo collections and put together a few series. Looking back, I’d say, in most cases I dumped some images onto the webpages. At the same time, I also came up with the great idea of adding riddles to the Otaon chapter of book 2, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, in 2021, I was getting close to completing book 2/2 when I realised that the Berlin chapter would need some more time to stew, before I could do the final edit.
And again, I had time on my hands, and this time without fever.

And then, three different things came together. Firstly, I looked over the website and finally took notice of the fact that the photo series were put together without much thought.

Secondly, I realised that I could use limited editions to raise money for the easy town ideas.

And thirdly, in the Berlin chapter, Alice, the main character, wraps up her old life, and there is a lot of looking back. So it felt kind of fitting to do another journey into the past, and I reviewed my photographic work from 2007 to 2021.

As a result, you will find 21 thoughtfully assembled photo series, and 58 limited editions of single photographs, as well as 3 collections of photographs.

Many of the photographs are shown publicly for the first time, and most limited editions are for sale for the first time.

Charlie Alice Raya, easy town books

How were the photographs for the limited editions chosen?

Several aspects played a role. But soon, one aspect trumped all others — I was running out of time. In other words, it was time to return to editing.

So I decided to choose one photograph per series. But that was easier said than done, because the photographs needed to look good together on the overview pages as well.

Another significant decision was to get serious about the title images for the books, for the various parts of the website, and for the book 2 chapters. So far, I had been playing around with images without taking any decisions.

What I enjoyed most about this part of the selection process was the fact, that with the title images, I could interweave my photographic work with my book series.

And then there is wall dissolved in 12 acts.

I have seven photographs of a wall mirrored in a Venice canal. These photographs were taken in 2011.

Back then, I experimented a lot with colours. As a result, I had an image, I loved a lot. Only I lost the original image file with that colourful explosion.

So in 2021, I tried to recreate that manipulation. I couldn’t. But in the process new images emerged, and I decided to select some of them for a collection.

In the China chapter of book 2, Alice talks about having a wall for the town. Not everyone likes the idea, and at some point, Alice says: ‘Maybe part of me wants a wall so I can make it different, so I can defy the purpose many walls are put to.’

As a Berliner, I feel strongly about walls, and while I worked on wall dissolved, I loved the fact that I redefined those bricks over and over again, and gave them a different life, or rather the colours do.

wall dissolved, act 1, series by Charlie Alice Raya

More about the photo series

Are the photo series complete?

No. There is still some unused material.

When choosing which photograph to use in a series, it’s not always about quality. Sometimes a good photograph simply doesn’t fit into an assembly.

Will there be new photo series?

Writing the easy town book series has priority for me. But I do love photography, and occasionally I pick up the camera.

I remember that sunny day in December 2020 when I decided to take the camera on a walk in the park around the corner.
It was winter, it was freezing cold, and I was happily hunting from tree to tree, searching for intriguing images.
While reviewing my material, I rediscovered a tree bark collection from 2015, also from December. I had forgotten all about it. So now, I’m thinking, maybe I will do one last tour of my park. This time in summer. A final Berlin tree bark collection.

Also, when I started my street life collection some time around 2006, I dreamt of travelling and finding street corners to add street life collections from around the world. I still like the idea.

And there are other ideas for photo series.

Supporting the projects

What does supporting the projects mean?

The easy town books include ideas which are worth a closer look. For this, it is time to open the easy town ideas to co-operations with other artists, scientist, programmers, curious thinkers, architects, movie makers and many others.
In order to do so, the easy town project ideas need a solid financial basis. And that’s were your support comes in.

How much of the price for a limited edition goes to the projects?

Generally, the income from a limited edition is split three ways.

The photographer receives one third of the income.

The remaining two thirds are used to cover the costs (like admin, printing, shipping, VAT, payment fees, tariffs.) The costs vary a lot, depending on where the order comes from. So in some cases the project will get more than a third of the share (e.g. low shipping costs), or the project will get less than a third if the costs are high.
Once all costs are known, you can get a copy of the calculation to see how much of your payment went into the project.

Find out more about how to support the projects >>>

How were the prices for the limited editions calculated?

Prices are determined by the following factors:

  • production costs material & printing costs
  • additional costs
    including: admin, shipping, VAT, payment fees, tariffs and the like
  • the format of the photograph
  • the rating of the photograph
    Each of the 58 limited editions has been rated in relation to the other limited editions. And this rating was used to differentiate between the prints.
  • the extent of the limited edition
    Two of the limited editions have a very small edition (Luzin, 2015 and Venice Morning, 2011), and that is reflected in their respective prices.
  • the photographer’s share
    The photographer receives a third of the final price
  • the project’s share
    The project’s share is everything that remains after the photographer’s share and all costs are deducted. Depending on the costs, this share is larger or smaller than a third of the price.
  • A few exceptions
    A few photographs have a lower price than the calculations suggested in order to make some lower priced photographs available. That applies to The cow and Musing, both of which have an edition of 777 prints, but also to the acts of wall dissolved, and the chapter trees which I wanted to make more easily available.


You can use this form for any questions regarding the photo series or the limited editions. Or you can write directly to photography@easy-town.org

Emails will be answered within 48 hours whenever possible.

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