Princess Marlana and her guards in black

A whiff of fairy tales from book 2/2, travelling, Otaon

As a child, I loved the stories of Sinbad and Ali Baba. And when I thought about the travelling team’s visit to the Middle East, I wanted to capture some of that magic, and allow a whiff of fairy tales into the easy town story.

That’s one of the reasons why I eventually decided to let the travelling team visit a fictional, ancient kingdom in the Middle East and, of course, I called it Otaon.

The extracts of this collection are all from the Otaon chapter of book 2/2, travelling and contain two fairy tales and some fairy-tale-like insights into a remarkable fountain.

I also added the travelling team’s visit to the Great Library of Sitseaf, even though it’s not a fairy tale. But the library has a magic and stories of its own, some going back centuries and even millennia.
While the Great Library of Sitseaf is a nod to the lost Library of Alexandria, I also let my imagination have a lot of fun.

For the town experiment, the town’s library will play a special role, and parts of it will be inspired by the Great Library of Sitseaf.

quotes from the easy town books

One morning, Princess Marlana went to her father and said: “Dearest father, are there no wise men in our kingdom? I know, you are a wise man. But surely, there must be others.”
Her father sighed and explained that the kingdom had seen decades of peaceful times, and unfortunately peace inspired stupidity more often than wisdom.

book 2/2, travelling, Otaon


  • Foreword
  • What you need to know beforehand
  • The thing about shortcuts

  • Princess Marlana and her guards in black

  • The hunters fountain

  • The snake, the witch and the mountain

  • The Great Library of Sitseaf

princess marlana, cover

Princess Marlana

and her guards in black

It is forbidden to tell this story, because it might inspire young people to make up their own laws.

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