last updated: 23 June 2020

Terms & Conditions

In some respects, I am quite old-fashioned, and I would prefer a good old, binding handshake to a lot of rules.

Saying that the terms & conditions are quite simple for present purposes.

Purchase & Delivery

via PAYPAL: You can either buy the e-book directly from this page, using the buy button and paying via PayPal. In which case, you’ll receive a link for your copy of the e-book after paying.

via ORDER FORM: If you prefer to pay via invoice, you can order the e-book via the order form, and you’ll receive your copy of the e-book and the invoice within 24 hours, after I’ve received the confirmation of your order.


via PAYPAL: payment is due directly.

via ORDER FORM: With your order, you agree to settle the invoice for your order within seven days. It would be incredibly annoying for both of us, should you fail to do so. I haven’t decided yet which steps to take in such a case. But I reserve the right to come up with something. Should you have trouble with the timely transfer, please, let me know.

And that could be us done, except for four points:

Cancellation & Refund / Right to return: You have the right to return the e-book within fourteen days after receiving the e-book. There are slightly different approaches in different countries. But since I am based in Europe, I’ll go by the 14 day cooling off period. Generally, I think that the right to cancel and to return goods is a good rule. In the case of digital goods, I find it a little unsatisfactory.

The fact that I could use a rule to exempt you from a refund, doesn’t really help. The rule states that online digital content is exempt from refunds, if you have already started downloading the content, and you agreed that you would lose your right of withdrawal by starting to read. How would I tell whether or not you’ve started reading the book?

So, reluctantly, I decided to allow for the 14 day cooling off period. This means, if you return the e-book within 14 days of receiving the e-book, I’ll refund the price you paid for the e-book and do so within a month. This only applies if you purchase the e-book from this website. And please, do us both a favour and only ask for a refund if you haven’t read the book, or no more than a few pages and you realised that this is not for you. I have a great dislike for people who think that screwing others is clever.

As for copyright: Don’t be a dick and feel all clever about handing out free copies of the e-book. This book is protected by copyright law and is not available for free distribution. Nor is it permitted to use any part or idea of the book without prior, written permission by the author. Any copyright infringement will be prosecuted.

About the price: For the German and the Austrian market, I have to keep this price fixed until the December 2021 in compliance with German law.

Disagreements: Should there be any trouble, German laws apply, since I am presently based in Berlin.

For more information see:

Let me know if there is anything I missed or if you have any questions concerning the terms & conditions.