Rethinking business practices

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dot.tour, image


dot. is an idea for a fashion company, and a statement for the dignity and uniqueness of every human being.

Hub Tour, cover

Hub Tour

The Hub idea is a perfect starting point to rethink the internet, digitalisation, social media, the dignity of every human and what freedom can look like.

book stations tour, download

book stations tour

The book stations tour is the most extensive of the three tours and covers a wide range of issues such as ideas to reduce book printing, coexisting with nature, questions about management and property, ideas for bespoke books, and a lot more.

Furthermore, the ideas presented here have a strong connection to the model, and more details are discussed in the book.

Rethinking towns & cities

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book 1, chapter 1, download

book 1, beginning, chapter 1

Chapter 1 of book 1, beginning, contains an account of how the ideas for Easy Town came about, plus the first discussions about the town project.

42 towns and counting in graphics, by Charlie Alice Raya

42 towns and counting in graphics

42 towns and counting is an upcoming book, a collections of ideas for thriving and inspiring towns, towns with a focus and purpose.

This teaser offers a peek into the towns collection.

Casey's bookshop, cover

Casey’s bookshop

Casey’s bookshop is a story and a concluding example for the book station tour, and it’s the story of a town that keeps transforming and readjusting.

and more

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sex talk teaser, cover

sex talk teaser

Addressing our sexuality head on has become an integral part of the easy town story and the easy projects.

This teaser offers a peek into some sex-related scenes in book 2, travelling.

sex talk, preview, cover

We need to talk about sex

preview, pdf document

While the preview is included in the sex talk teaser, it is also available as printable pdf document.

Charlie Alice Raya, photography, catalogue

photo prints by Charlie Alice Raya

There are more easy town books and many easy town projects in the pipeline, all of which need a budget to get started. The photo prints by Charlie Alice Raya are on offer in support of the easy town projects