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I vaguely remember that I wrote the motto rethinking everything rather thoughtlessly. It sounded good and fitting and challenging.

Probably weeks later I started to wonder, does the easy town story, the source for most easy town ideas, really do that? Rethink everything?

No, it can’t do that. Everything is just a bit too much even if you have twelve books you can fill.

What the team in the easy town story does is to allow for everything to be questioned, and a portion of that can be found in the story. Another portion of that can be found on the project websites, nine by now, where ideas derived from the easy town story are further developed and presented in more detail.

As I thought more about rethinking, a new question materialised: Is there anything that couldn’t do with a rethink? Is there anything that is certain, that has no alternative?

Funny enough, I haven’t found a single issue that can’t do with a rethink. Not everything might need a rethink, but so far I haven’t come across anything that might not benefit from some rethinking.

I usually try to keep things light, engaging, uplifting, and I am no friend of polarisations or conspiracy theories or the like. I favour a clear, open and curious mind. Plus the focus of my work is on what we can do better, what might be worth testing, what might help us to reshape the world. But please, keep in mind that the sooner we tackle the vast mess we and former generations have inflicted on this planet and on ourselves the better.

Charlie Alice Raya
author of the easy town books

The ideas presented on this website are divided into four main areas:

easy town ideas, main field: rethinking business practices

Rethinking business practices

Thoughts on rethinking business practices plus an introduction of business models which are fit for a thriving future

easy town ideas, main field: rethinking town

Rethinking towns & cities

The ideas for Easy Town inspired a collection of ideas for inspiring, thriving and sustainable towns and cities

easy town ideas, main field: talk about sex

We need to talk about sex

A quick guide to the sex talk approaches and content for the easy town story and the easy town project ideas

easy town ideas, main field: stories

Stories shape the world

Stories in all shapes and forms are part of the fourth main project area of the easy town projects. Included are ideas for movies.

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