The easy town books

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The easy town story

The easy town story is like the initial seed for all easy town ideas and projects. And like a universe it is constantly expanding.

The overall story is simple: a town experiment is planned in several stages, the town is built, the town gets into trouble, and some of the main characters mess things up.

Despite some troubles and some detours, the story always returns to the town ideas, and never really stops to ask questions, and to rethink, well, everything.

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The easy town books

Published books

book 1, beginning, book cover

Book 1, beginning, or drafting a town experiment

Alice Adler, a Berliner, sets out to convince the US billionaire Tom Holbon to build a town experiment. The aim of the experiment is to rethink — well, everything.

book 2/1, travelling

Book 2/1, travelling, and we need to talk about sex

Travelling around the world, Alice and her team build an international network for the Easy Town Project.

book 2/2, travelling

Book 2/2, travelling, and we still need to talk about sex

Travelling with them are the past, personal demons and unwittingly the issue of sex.

Work in progress

book 3, shaping

Book 3, shaping, or it could be so easy

Book 3 leans towards the dark side as the project teams are faced with the eventuality that they might have developed an incredible town project, but might not get a chance to build it.

book 4, building

Book 4/1, building, or the impossible happens

Tom is angry. Everyone acts as if building the town is a certainty even though so far they only have half a deal. Just a few days ago, he told Alice: ‘Don’t you know that you haven’t won yet? The town will never be built unless the government agrees, or unless you forego the experiment.’
‘I know.’

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