The easy town websites

Presently the easy town ideas, projects and stories are split across nine websites.

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easy town ideas, projects & stories

This is the place where all easy town ideas, projects & stories are introduced and where the categories rethinking everything, stories and Views from around the universe have their base.

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easy town books

Most ideas took and take their first steps in the easy town story. Find out more about the story, the characters, the locations and even the animals in the easy town story on this website.

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towns & cities

Ideas for thriving and inspiring towns, plus rethinking towns and cities, are part of the easy town project. The highlights on this website are: a list of special gardens for towns and cities, the origins of the easy town story, and over 77 town ideas.

we need to talk about sex, favicon

we need to talk about sex

Talking about the human sexuality, and everything that has a connection to it, has became a main feature in the easy town story and for the easy town projects. The aim is to address how to use the energising aspects and how to avoid the damaging aspects of our sexuality.

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The Hub

The Hub is an idea to de-giant the internet and to provide a platform which restores freedom, privacy, independence and safety for the user while supporting communities via the Hub Stations.


dot. is the idea for a fashion company which empowers creatives, small businesses and communities.

With its special business model dot. is a statement for the dignity and uniqueness of every single human being.

book stations

Ideas for the future of books, authors, publishers, craftspeople, artists, suppliers and communities are introduced on this website. The highlights include book stations, pepper books publishing, the bespoke books network, and a collection of online stories, plus posts about the connections to towns, the Hub and dot.

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Ripples will be the future umbrella company to act as guardian for all projects and to finance them until they can stand on their own feet.

Presently, the highlights are the photo special, a selection of the author’s favourite photo prints, and some special entries from Views from around the universe.

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Charlie Alice Raya photography

This website presents the photographic and graphic works by Charlie Alice Raya from 2007-2023.

Limited edition photo print are available in support of the easy town projects.