Sometimes I want to press pause and say: Look, there’s a lot of interesting stuff to find out, and there’s a lot of fun to be had, but could we, please, sort out the essentials first? Neither the fun stuff nor the intriguing mysteries of the universe are going anywhere. We can have it all — later.

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Press pause to do some rethinking

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What if we pressed pause to do an actual rethink of everything: our personal lives, our business practices, our towns & cities, our societies, our interaction with the natural world?

What if we pressed pause and decided it was time to remould, reshape, rethink the world, because the way it is, it makes us all and the planet sick.

Humans created the narratives which determine our lives. Humans can change what they created.

What does it take?

Take a break. Press pause. Think. Rethink. Reshape — everything.

If we make our business practices about providing what is needed, about unearthing creativity and craftspeopleship, about empowering, about balancing our needs with what nature can give us, then we will thrive.

If we use our imagination to shape the world, we can rid it of all the destructive ugliness we are heaping on it right now.

If we rethink everything, there is no end to what we might discover. Our ancestors messed up. Many of us have messed up. But we don’t have to continue to do so.

People are waking up from their beauty sleep and find an ugly beast in the mirror. But that’s OK, so long as we step up and stop thinking that someone else will fix all the mess.

We have the potential to be clever. We have the potential to shape the world. We have the potential to do better — much better.

Let’s press pause and rethink– well, everything.