Support the Easy Town Projects

Why support the easy town projects?

The easy town books include many ideas from inventions to initiatives, from intriguing questions to tech solutions, from alternative healthcare approaches to new business models, from movies to new ways of building, and quite a few more.

The first two books of the easy town book series lay the foundation to further explore all of these ideas. And it is time to open the easy town projects to co-operations with other artists, scientist, programmers, curious thinkers, architects, movie makers and many others.

In order to do so, the easy town projects need a solid financial basis. And that’s were your support comes in.

You can support the projects by donating money, by purchasing limited edition Fine Art Prints, by buying e-books and extracts collections, and by contributing to the projects with you knowledge and know-how.

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How much of the price for a limited edition flows into the projects?

Generally, the income from a limited edition is split three ways.

The photographer receives one third of the price. The remaining two thirds are used to cover the costs (like admin, printing, shipping, VAT, payment fees, tariffs.)

The costs vary a lot, depending on where the order comes from. So in some cases, the easy town projects will get more than a third of the share (e.g. low shipping costs), or the projects will get less than a third if the costs are high.
Once all costs are known, you can get a copy of the calculation to see how much of your payment went into the projects.

How much of the price for the e-books flows into the projects?

At the moment, all income from the e-books goes to the author. In a next step, this income will be used to set aside money for the remaining books of the series.

Once the author is covered, and the budget for all the books of the series is secured, a main part of the income will flow into the projects, and retroactively all income from the extracts collections will go to the projects.

How will I know what happened with my contribution?

Once the book series and the projects have a solid basis, there will be frequent reports about how and for what exactly which amount is used.

It’s a bit too early to say more. But generally speaking, transparency will be an important aspect within the projects.

What if I have any questions about supporting the projects?

You can send your questions via email to

or you can call

+49 (30) 705 097 58

The Easy Town project is
and always will be
an international project.

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