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Support the easy town projects

We can complain about the state of the world, or we can do our bit to rethink and shape the world.

Supporting the easy town projects is one way to do this, because rethinking and shaping is at the core of all project ideas.

By now the project ideas are pretty advanced, but teams and budgets are needed for the next steps. Take a look at the stars (furthest developed), the starters (easy to set up), the foundations (useful for all ideas) and the extensions which are part of the project ideas.

The aim of all ideas is to rethink, to empower, and even to heal some of the damages of the past and the present. Your support, be it via networking, be it with your skills or with your financial contribution can catapult these projects from idea to reality.

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We can try to fix existing businesses, or we can start over, rethink business practices, be cleverer this time around, and set up businesses that work for us — globally.

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The stars

The easy town books

Most ideas originate in the easy town books, and the books will continue to explore and add impulses for the easy town projects.

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Find out more about the books on the easy town books website >

The Hub

The Hub addresses everything that is critical about the internet and builds an alternative which combines global services with local ripple effects, serving the users and communities worldwide.

The Hub will provide high quality content, products and search results, and will restore the user’s self-determination.

Moreover the Hub is a chance to rethink business practices. And it will provide the basis to simplify administrative tasks for towns, hospitals, universities, hotels and more.

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For how to get involved for the Hub click here >

For more see the Hub website >


dot. provides a chance to rethink the fashion industry and to test a new business model which empowers creatives and craftspeople worldwide and which sets new standards with regard to sustainability, coexisting with nature, becoming part of the local economy, rethinking international cooperation and more.

The dot.model can serve as a blueprint for many other companies, such as toys around the world, soap opera or highFly, which could likewise become part of the easy town projects and which could benefit from each other.

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For how to get involved for dot. click here >

For more see the dot. website >

book stations

book stations worldwide is the idea for an umbrella company which connects authors, publishers, craftspeople, suppliers and customers worldwide. The focus is on empowerment but also on coexisting with nature, which is why the bespoke books network is an important part of this idea. The book stations themselves, or short the boosts, would aim at rooting themselves in communities and use part of their profits to provide communities with services they need, from healthcare and education to entertainment and workshops.

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For how to get involved for the book stations click here >

For more see the book stations website >

The starters

pepper books publishing

The starters will probably be set up first since they already have a number of products to sell. Part of the income can be used to support the other project ideas.

Pepper books publishing will be the home for the easy town books, including the easy town series, the dot.story, Views from around the universe, 42 towns and counting, and more.

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For more on pepper books publishing click here >


revealed is a potential company for contemporary art and photography and will use the model.

Since a wide range of works by Charlie Alice Raya are on offer in support of the easy town projects, this company has a lot to offer from the start and could be vital in contributing to the initial budget for the other project ideas.

It should be possible to include works of other artists once the company is set up.

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Details regarding this idea are now available on the Charlie Alice Raya photography website >

visionary meddlers

There are over forty movie ideas ready to be developed which is why it might make sense to push the film production company visionary meddlers from the start. Again part of the profits will be used for the other easy town projects.


For more about potential story projects see the stories page on this website >


Charlie Alice Raya is available for a number of events such as readings, discussions and challenges.

Part of the income will be used for the projects.


Take a look >

The foundations


The ripples foundation will be an umbrella company which helps each idea to grow safely, which acts as guardian for all projects and which redistributes all excess profits.

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For more see the ripples website >


Since each company and idea needs their own online presentation and hosting space, it makes sense to set up a company which can provide all project businesses with these essential services. This way all businesses can benefit from each other on the digital side, too.

bullseye will provide web design, apps and hosting, and will from the start work with a low carbon footprint.


Simulations will be essential in growing each business at a pace and to an extend which works. Simulations are also a good tool to decide where to set up another dot.station or another book workshop in order to ensure that each business unit has enough and not too much work.


All ideas and all businesses will need extensive networking to connect them to all corners of the world.

The extensions

towns & cities

Creating a town which provides a healthy and empowering environment for humans is at the core of the easy town story. As a project, these ideas are put at the back of the line as they will need a lot of financing, part of which might be provided via the project businesses once they run well.
However, the towns & cities website already offers a peek into the vast potentials of rethinking how we build and live together.

icon for the website towns and cities international, part of the easy town project

For more see the towns and cities international website >


Rethinking is part of most ideas. Plus it will be treated as a project in its own right with a focus on supporting efforts and ideas to rethink— well, everything, or at least a lot.

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For more see rethinking everything on this website >

The sex talk

Addressing the human sexuality and everything that comes with it will be integrated into all projects and it will be a project of its own. Why? Because too many problems have their roots in how we deal with our sexuality and related subjects.

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For more see the we need to talk about sex website >

Views from around the universe

Views from around the world might seem like a bit of an outsider. However, this collection touches on many relevant subjects and has the potential to grow into a universe of thoughts, questions and last but not least humour.


For more see Views from around the universe on this website >


We will continue to bring people and ideas from around the world together: not to plunder the planet, not to screw up people, not to exploit — but to rethink, to value, to create. We will keep working so that destructive cycles, ideas, narratives will get a rethink through our work, our ideas, our courage, our imagination, our care, our experiences — through everything we have.

book 3, shaping

What’s the plan?


‘Egg division. That’s what we are going to do. We start with a single cell and then the cell will split into two and grow, and the two will split into four and grow, and eventually an enormous network will emerge which celebrates the uniqueness, dignity and ingenuity of every human, which reshapes the human habitat, and rebuilds what previous generations have destroyed, and rethinks all that might need a rethink. We, our body of work, will be alive and breathe and thrive.’

book 3, shaping

In other words: A small team will make the start with a focus on increasing the financial base and getting the networking underway.

As the budget grows so will the team, eventually splitting into teams dedicated to the different areas of the project but still working together closely, benefiting from each other.

And once a team, say for the Hub or for dot. has done all the groundwork and all the networking, then it will set out to build: the Hub and Hub Stations, the dot.workshops and the, and so on.

And with the experiences and the excess profit from these companies new companies, using the same or similar business models, can emerge.

And all the while, the companies will learn from each other, support each other and create ripple effects for communities and for the planet wherever they operate.

What is the impact of the project businesses on the climate?

Coexisting with nature, restoring and nurturing nature is one of the core elements of all project businesses.

How can this be achieved?

  • use of renewable energies by design
  • development of devices which use little energy
  • installation of cycles which optimise the use of energy
  • minimal use of fossil fuels
  • sustainable use of chemicals
  • building with sustainable materials
  • buildings which are integrated in a natural cycle
  • building in a way that heat can’t accumulate (mobile facade elements, strategical plants, measures to ensure wind circulation …)
  • waste management is integrated in a natural cycle
  • no use of plastic
  • products are only produced when ordered
  • production is divided into many units in different locations so that the stress on the environment and on water resources is limited
  • production will slow if, for example, water resources need a break
  • products will be designed to be durable
  • workplaces are integrated in nature and build to provide a healthy environment for humans
  • restoration of natural cycles and biodiversity
  • considerable reduction of waste and damage
  • avoidance of transportation and travels
  • no flying at short to medium distances
  • parts of the profits shared with the communities and will be used to create places which can weather extreme climate events, and which might restore a natural environment
  • and more

More advantages of the easy town business ideas

  • no exploitation, neither of humans nor of nature
  • continued research to improve all aspects of the businesses
  • inclusive and diverse by design
  • creativity unearthed globally
  • ripple effects are created which strengthen individuals and communities
  • profits are used not hoarded
  • creativity and skills are rewarded not speculations, exploitation, power games or stupidity
  • re-building of solid bases for crafts and arts
  • and a lot more

For more advantages see the book stations website >

How to support the easy town projects?

  • Tell your friends, family, colleagues
  • Network for the projects
  • Write about the ideas
  • Challenge the ideas
  • Join the team
  • Buy easy town books
  • Buy a photo print by Charlie Alice Raya
  • Donate
  • Invite Charlie Alice Raya as speaker or as a photographer
  • Express your support any other way

Get involved

icon for the website Charlie Alice Raya photography

A first appeal for a team is now published on the Charlie Alice Raya photography website.

icon for book stations

An appeal for fund-raiser and a team for pepper books publishing is published on the book stations website.

icon for the Hub

An appeal for fund-raiser and a team for the initial team and the Hub Team is published on the Hub website.

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The offers a detailed look into how dot. could be set up and a page with information about how to get involved will be published soon.

If you have any questions, please, write to:

Who is needed for the initial team?

  • coordinators
  • fund-raisers
  • programmers
  • networking experts
  • campaigners
  • admin wizards
  • bookkeepers
  • lawyers (a project law firm is on the list)
  • experts for the various project fields
  • assistants in various capacities
  • and likely more

Write to: if you are interested in being part of the initial team.


setting sail by Charlie Alice Raya

Title image, setting sail, 2011, available on the photo website

You can make a donation to the account below and add an email if you would like to add a personal message or if you would like to receive a receipt for your donation.

Write to:

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Note: You can add a specific project, in which case your donation will be allocated to the project you chose when the budget is large enough to be split into individual projects.

barks medley, by Charlie Alice Raya

Buy a Fine Art Print by Charlie Alice Raya. All sold photo prints will contribute a third or more of the price to the easy town projects.

Take a look at the photo prints on the project’s photo website or download the catalogue on this website.

book 1, beginning, book cover

The first books of the easy town story, the dot.story and several collections are available.

Views from around the universe can be pre-ordered and more options for limited printed book editions are in planning.

Book sales will be used to finance the upcoming books. Once the finance for all books is secured, part of the income from the books will go to the projects.

You can find an overview of all available books on the e-books page.

Questions are welcome

Please, write to:

or call +49 (30) 705 097 58
Tue-Thu, 10:00-20:00, Berlin time (UTC+01:00)

At the moment the author and photographer Charlie Alice Raya will answer in person.

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Get in touch

Emails will be answered within 48 hours whenever possible.

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