Village, towns and cities are our dwelling places, and in many respects these places have a direct impact on our health and happiness, too often not for the better.

Therefore rethinking how we build, how we compose our towns and cities, how we choose to live, and how we choose to interact with the basis of all life: water, air and earth is essential to improving the quality of our lives and to secure a future on this planet.


Rethinking towns and cities is part of the easy town projects, and so far over 77 ideas for thriving and inspiring towns have been created.

These ideas are presented on the towns and cities international website, along with the category rethinking towns and cities, a list with ideas for exceptional gardens for towns and cities, and more ideas which empower humans and nature alike.

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Ideas tend to pop up. Some are content to float around for a while. Others are happy to stay inside a story. But some are pretty persistent. They want to become — reality.

notes for 42 towns and counting

Some people are too thick to see a goldmine for what it is, only because it doesn’t fit into what they believe they know.

notes for 42 towns and counting

There were more stories of how the towners, newcomers and people from the region found something to get involved in and to become part of the book frenzy.
It was like people suddenly discovered that new worlds could create new worlds — and they could be part of it.

Casey’s bookshop (See the book stations website for the story of a town which chose to transform.)


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