Views from around the universe


The whole universe

looks to planet Earth for inspiration, because learning from the mistakes of others is the best way to learn.

Views from around the universe, published by the inhabitants of the universe’s planets, contains discourses, research results, and some additional thoughts to further the future of the universe.

This is the first time that members of planet Earth get access to parts of this collection even though no planet has yet made contact. Admittedly that is partly selfish because the mistakes made by humans still provide our new generations with important lessons on how the laziness to think, superiority complexes or the failure to understand cooperation among equals, would threaten the foundations of any planet.

The decision to make parts of this collection available now comes at a time where it is increasingly painful to watch how humans seem set to destroy themselves, seemingly without knowing what they are doing.

All names and origins of the writers involved have been omitted to ensure unbiased reading. The names can be found in the great ledger of the universe, a copy of which is available on all planets. Except on planet Earth. You know why.



Views from around the universe

Abortion = taking responsibility for the future of a child and the health of the would-have-been parents

Abortiona short essay, click here >


Views from around the universe

Aktionismus = never heard of it

Aktionismus = we call it the confused chicken frenzy. It happens when people, especially politicians, are faced with a sudden crisis and act before thinking.

Aktionismus = a word used by a populus on planet Earth which speak the German language. It is an exaggeration of the word action, as is the act of Aktionismus. In other words Aktionismus is a rush into action with the negative connotation of acting without or with little thinking. Sometimes the person practising Aktionismus answers the ancient and universal call for heroism, unsheathing the sword and setting out to kill the alleged monsters at once.
Mostly Aktionismus is triggered by panic, panic which is then counteracted with a list of actions which usually lack long-term benefits, sometimes there aren’t even short-term benefits.


Views from around the universe

business = a way of providing goods


Views from around the universe

defence = education to allow people to understand that there doesn’t have to be an enemy

defence = an alliance of demilitarised nations who keep one army and agree not to trade in weapons.
When attacked the army strikes at once and in full force to end the conflict as quickly as possible.
This works best if the nations of the alliance restrict all their interactions to countries within the alliance thereby offering an additional incentive for other nations to demilitarise.
The idea that more weapons bring more stability is a myth. A planet is only safe if no one has access to weapons beyond a few swords and sticks for one on one fights.


Views from around the universe

economy = the sum of human commercial interaction. A healthy and sustainable economy doesn’t exploit people or nature and keeps a balance between what is needed and what can be provided without damaging the basis of all life: the ecosystem

economy = you can easily identify a good economy if the participants value life more highly than profit. A good economy can easily forego months and even one or two years of not being active at all. Such pauses are particularly useful in times of crises, and when some thorough rethinking of economical structures is necessary. And without wanting to brag, but some three or four planets really should press pause soon before they push themselves over the edge, planet Earth most of all.

future, a

Views from around the universe

a future = mostly available to people who are aware that their actions and interests have consequences, and who therefore avoid thoughtlessness, polarisation and the destruction of their habitat

future, the

Views from around the universe

the future = now


Views from around the universe

honesty = tricky

honesty = on some planets its still courageous, but I prefer planets where its the norm without any fuss

honesty = if only memory were reliable enough to be truly honest

honesty = it’s more an attempt to be straight forward than about actual truth, since truth is usually multilayered

human, the

Views from around the universe

The human = a strange often self-destructive creature


Views from around the universe

knowledge = tricky

knowledge = interestingly humans consider the ability of parroting data as knowledge

leader, a

Views from around the universe

A leader creates, builds, nurtures and guards.

A leader presides over the discussions for what should guide people in their actions with one another. A leader might offer some guidance when necessary. It will usually be in the form of a question.

A leader will only rule when it is necessary. This is the case when new scientific results necessitate change in the agreements that guide all actions in society.

In the case of a hostile attack, the leader will join other leaders around the universe, and together they will protect their people.


Views from around the universe

order = a strange behaviour observed in humans. It usually starts with a human inventing a set of rules and/or values and declaring that order is only achievable if these rules/values are observed.

order = humans seem to have a particular need for order which some scientists say is due to an internalised inferiority complex which is overcome by enforcing simplified rules which are deemed to restore something these peculiar humans call order.


Views from around the universe

privilege = on planet earth it’s an excuse for inaction


Views from around the universe

progress is to recognise that not all new inventions and developments are good.

progress is to call a damaging practice damaging and test better options.

rich, the

Views from around the universe

the rich = a strange sub-group of the human who have the financial means to build the world but who for some reason prefer sending their money into the universe.

Speaking for the universe: dear humans we are grateful for all the mistakes you make, saving us from making them ourselves, but truly if you don’t get a grip on yourselves we don’t want to have you any closer, and you should deal with your rich yourself – we don’t want them on Mars!

Maybe it would help if you found a way to inspire the rich and help them with their money-hoarding addiction.


Views from around the universe

soldiers = humans in need of a job

soldiers = humans who follow the ideal of serving a country by devastating another country, themselves and their family

soldiers = people who hope that their commander in chief hasn’t lost his mind and that their fight will be good for something however unlikely it seems

strongman, a

Views from around the universe

strongman = weakling who needs weapons to make his point

strongman = he who represses free thought, free expression of thought, free flow of information

strongman = person plus group of minions who lack imagination, which inevitably leads to destruction because neither a strongman nor their minions have the imagination to create anything living, breathing, healthy, progressive or enjoyable. In fact they are too frightened to lose power to do anything useful.

strongman = he who surrounds himself with weaklings
Though there is a great argument about this. Some say, the strongman is always weaker than his followers. Which is in line with the old story where some schemers put a weak king on the throne in order to manipulate him. Some ask why these people bother with a king at all. To which most thinkers role their eyes and say: it’s for the show of things. For the story. The story that some humans are meant to be kings. Which is of course nonsense. It’s just a story. But it’s a story that works well on humans, even after centuries of evidence that kings and queens tend to be rather useless at best, and murderous idiots at worst.
There is the other group of thinkers who argue, that no, while the strongman is weak by nature, he is in fact so weak that he can’t abide anyone in his proximity who shows any sign of strength. Which is why the strongman always makes sure to surround himself with much weaker people.
Nevertheless. The people surrounding, supporting and enabling strongmen are one of the big and very popular mysteries in the universe. And even though the universe has been studying planet Earth for decades, it still can’t quite make out, why anyone would bring a strongman to power and even keep him/her in power. Strongmen never achieve anything useful. All they do is plunder their nation, and build big armies to bully and plunder other nations.
Some of the most ingenious thinkers point out, that alas the human race still hasn’t discovered their own strength. ‘They always think ill of themselves. They even invent machines to prove just how insufficient they are, and that even great arts can be copied by a machine. It is our believe that if humans learned to appreciate themselves, they wouldn’t be in all this trouble.’
Some ask, ‘but how does this theory fit in with our observation of deeply ingrained superiority complexes in humans?’
‘It’s the same thing. A need for superiority only arises in the weak. The weak find their strength by belittling others.’
If the human found their balance, they wouldn’t need to be superior.


Views from around the universe

superiority = delusion

superiority = a mindset which can be discovered in humans who were either brought up to believe they are better than others, or who have suffered setbacks in their lives which they try to play down by blaming others and developing a persona who is per se better.

superiority = a convictions which happens to humans who haven’t grown up. Like some small human children they constantly need to be the centre of attention. If this isn’t given, the child and the immature human build thought pattern of superiority to belittle other humans and defend the amount of attention possible.


Views from around the universe

thinking = a blessing when engaged

thinking = a great gift that deserves much more practise

thinking = the foundation of all useful progress

toughening up

Views from around the universe

toughening up = a fun game which includes diving into ice cold water

toughening up = around the universe its a fun game, humans on the other hand tend to use strengthening exercises to harden themselves in a way that closes all other layers of their being. It is strange for us that humans seem to have so much trouble with diversity, their very own and the diversity around them.

truth, a

Views from around the universe

A truth = a decision to think or act in a certain way, thereby making it a personal truth or framework for personal decisions

truth, the

Views from around the universe

the truth = does not exist

the truth = is the start of arguments and at worst the seed of wars

universe, the

Views from around the universe

the universe = if only you knew


Views from around the universe

victory = defeat, loss, long-term trauma

victory = Only a few decades ago, we finally saw victory for what it is. It’s a delusion. There are no winners in a war. But the most dangerous aspect of victory is the blindness that tends to come with it. Victors are always in danger not to reflect their mistakes, not to ask what it takes to prevent future wars. But worse, victors tend to derive a moral high ground from their victory thereby sowing the seeds for new conflicts. It is one of the most difficult tasks for any planet to experience victory and not be swept away by the power of having succeeded, but to force itself to be reflective and to unearth what lies at the roots of a conflict, and patiently, humbly address each and every critical point.


Views from around the universe

war = utter stupidity

We keep wondering how humans find the time to go to war. They are still struggling with a global pandemic, ecosystems, and with that the basis of human survival, are collapsing worldwide and some people seem to think that this is a good time to go to war?

war = the fantasy of bringing order to a chaotic world

war = is an illusion which proclaims that only the attacked will suffer

war = useless waste of human lives, minds, potentials, crippling humans and families with the trauma of war


Views from around the universe

Why? = an essential question

Why? = Why? is a question which comes naturally to children. Adults have a tendency to forget the importance of asking why.

Why? = We have made it a custom in our society to ask ourselves why we do the things we do. It helps us to set our priorities and to reflect on the effects our actions have on others and on our habitat.

youth, the

Views from around the universe

There is a general consent across the planets that the way older humans tend to burden young humans with fixing what the older humans messed up, is shocking.


Views from around the universe

zebra = someone insisted on an entry for Z

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