human, The

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The human is not

  • an asset
  • a purse
  • an object
  • a story
  • an existence for the benefit of others
  • a servant
  • a birthing machine
  • a taxpayer
  • something to be housed
  • a profitable entity of a workforce
  • a politician
  • a soldier
  • an idiot
  • illegal
  • a problem
  • a nuisance
  • a hero
  • an invincible perfection
  • a gift to society
  • a parent’s dream come true
  • a fighter for good
  • a fighter for dominance
  • a special creature
  • superior

The human is a human.

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human, the

On planet Earth humans seem to have trouble to recognise their own kind. Instead of enjoying each other’s uniqueness and ingenuity, they seem to be afraid of each other and blind to the fact that they all pretty much have the same dreams and fears. Dreams that could become reality if they recognised each other as who they are. Fears they could overcome by simply having a drink together.

The big trouble is that the people of planet Earth have heaped so many misconceptions and destructive practices on themselves, and on each other, that they will need time to untangle all the mess they and their ancestors created.

But at the end of that road, they can celebrate each other’s and their own courage, ingenuity, inventiveness and wisdom — and discover what the world holds for them if they shake off outdated perceptions.

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human, the

Humans are the most remarkable creatures on planet Earth. What they have achieved goes far beyond imagination. Why shouldn’t they be able to figure out how to do better, and then reshape their world, eliminating everything that has made them and their planet sick?

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human, the

The human = a strange often self-destructive creature.

The human = doesn’t have the patience and/or courage to discover themselves and therefore tends to ape other humans.

The human = a fragile and often lost creature which pretends to be a superior being.

The human = shaped by many unhelpful stories and demands.

The human = a creature with enormous potential held back by the world it has created for itself.

The human = tends to tire themself with doing things they are supposed to do or achieve instead of exploring who they are, what they want.

The human = Our question has been for a long time why humans seem to be content to be treated like fools and silly sheep. And why they tend to follow loud idiots.

The human = The human has potential, no doubt about it. Unfortunately the human rarely learns how to unearth and use that potential.

The human = a creature in constant confusion.

The human = we can’t help but to conclude that the human likes to be stupid, otherwise their actions would make even less sense.

The human = The human has the talent to make stupidity sound like wisdom. But that still doesn’t explain why any creature would choose to destroy their own habitat.

The human = The human, when treated like an asset, can develop aggressions comparable to those of a wounded animal which lashes out even when it is meet with kindness.

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Dignity should not be a right, it should be a matter of course for every human being.

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Humans tend to thrive when they are free to think, explore and create.

It is the more remarkable that humans created an economic system and many political systems which condemn the majority of the human race to dependence and dullness.

The potentials that could be unearthed if humans remembered that freedom is part of who they are, these potentials are vast.

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human, the


The light dance story, life, by Charlie Alice Raya, 2011/22

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