Views from around the universe

photo series, lines, Seebad Ahlbeck, 2010, by Charlie Alice Raya


to join Views from around the universe

If you care about planet Earth and its inhabitants, and if you are a writer, a thinker, a person with an active and open mind, a programmer, an illustrator or a designer who would like to get involved in further developing the universe, please, get in touch.

Views around the universe is a new collection, kind of random thoughts started and partly fuelled by my anger about the war in Ukraine, and about all other wars.

The first entries include views on leaders, strongmen and war. By now, more general views from around the universe have been added, including privilege, order, truth, victory and zebra. More entries and subject areas have been added to the other easy town websites.

So far, it’s all happening online and randomly, only roughly edited. But at some point a more complete collection should become available.

However, I keep thinking, that a digital publication might be best for this collection. A virtual universe the user can enter and then explore. A universe to get lost in. But also one that can inspire. For this it would be great to add additional voices and media: comments, short stories, illustrations, animations, videos … All focusing on content, all concealing the author to ensure unbiased digestion.

There is also the idea of opening more views on other websites and interconnecting all.


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