Invite Charlie Alice Raya


summer / autumn 2023

Charlie Alice Raya, easy town books

Charlie Alice Raya is available for several kinds of events.

Readings of the easy town books, the dot.story and Views from around the universe.

Talks to introduce and discuss the business ideas: the Hub, dot. and book stations, plus talks about rethinking towns and rethinking in general.

Rethinking sessions, both as event or for companies.

Pump sessions for towns and cities who are on the lookout for inspirations.

Challenges are possible with respect to all business ideas, rethinking in general and regarding all town ideas.

If you are interested, please, write to


easy town books

Scenes from book 1, beginning, and book 2, travelling, plus some exclusive previews for book 3, shaping, are available for readings.

It is possible to choose a subject, such as the town ideas, coexisting with nature, the sex talk or the businesses, or to focus on the different countries of book 2, or to focus on a character such as Alice, the initiator of the town project, Jack, the movie star, or Andy, the head programmer for the simulation.

All readings can include discussions and/or a Q&A about the background stories (which can fill an evening all by themselves.)

More about the easy town books on the easy town website >


The dot.story was absolutely unintentional and that alone is an interesting story.

While the dot.story illustrates how dot., an international fashion company, could work, it is also rich in unexpected relationships, encounters, worries and triumphs.

Plus the dot.story celebrated diversity with characters of all sorts of genders and from more than a hundred countries and regions.

Another interesting focus is how environmental issues are intertwined with the ideas for dot.

It is probably best to start a reading with a short introduction into what dot. is about, not unlike the dot.tour.

A reading could have a focus on diversity, on rethinking fashion, on a selection of characters from designers to customers, or on subjects like: racism, child welfare or family.

More about the dot.story on the dot. website >

Views from around the universe

For Views from around the universe there are two main options, you or I can decide on one or more subjects upfront, or let the audience test me and ask live questions on how the universe looks at this or that issue. There could also be a combination of both.

Plus, in some venues it might be possible to accompany the reading with an art installation with an extended version of human, the.

More about Views from around the universe >