Book 1&2 – sex talk content


sex-related content in the easy town books

sex-related content in

book 1, beginning

  1. The vilification of the body
  2. Porn
  3. Happy parents
  4. Having children?
  5. Unwanted pregnancy
  6. Gendered outfits
  7. Singledom
  1. Losing it
  2. Sexual orientation
  3. One night stands, affairs, relationships and marriage
  4. Who rescues who?
  5. Jerks of my mother’s making
  6. Role models
  7. Abortion

sex-related content in

book 2/1, travelling

and we need to talk about sex


  1. Nudity

Happy Flying

  1. We need to talk about sex

San Francisco

  1. Urns
  2. Property
  3. Couple therapy
  4. Sex jokes
  5. Perspectives
  6. LGBTQ+
  7. Is homosexuality an intrusion?

Rio de Janeiro

  1. Copacabana Beach
    1. What’s wrong with a girls night?
    2. Hoping to be liked
    3. So what’s wrong with a girls night?
    4. Traumatic run-ins with women
    1. Women prison and inferiority complexes
    2. A world run by women
    3. I never wanted to be a woman
    4. Trouble with the body
    5. Limping
    6. Penis length
    7. Prejudice
    8. Evasive gender

  1. This is Rio, best place for gays

Buenos Aires

  1. You have to fuck
  2. Your dick is not a weapon
  3. Abortion and the Catholic Church
  4. Trustworthy men
  5. Sex and populism
  6. The sex talk, a journey
  7. Exploring why we do stupid things
  8. Why does fear smell?

South Africa

  1. Friends
  2. Colours of the skin, HIV and a priest
  3. De-scandalising sex


  1. Outfits, urns rebooted, and strictly male
  2. Sexiness as a weapon among women?

Time off, Australia

  1. Beauty

sex-related content in

book 2/2, travelling

and we still need to talk about sex

Flight to Beijing, China

  1. Some notes on domestic violence
  2. The penis trauma


  1. Sex talk in practical terms
  2. Fixated on pointing out the differences between the sexes?
  3. The body is the key. The key to what?


  1. Palace Garden
    1. Sex is a private matter
    2. Only to have more sex?
    3. What are women for?
    4. Making each other
    5. Beautiful women
    6. Headscarves
    7. Dressing sexy
  2. They should have protected you
  3. Get married!
  4. What is worse: breasts or bleeding?


  1. Is this how rape happens?
  2. Relationships
  3. The perfect balance between female and male

Flight to Moscow

  1. Small men and the boyfriend


  1. The Ball in Russia
    1. The prince and the queen
    2. The sea of boobs
    3. Ares
    4. The body must be a key
    5. Bulges and urges
    6. Tits and brains
    7. More awkward stuff
    8. Prostitution
  2. Partners don’t just happen


  1. Lesbians
  2. All cards on the table
  3. Breasts


  1. A narrative

preliminary sex-related content in

book 3, shaping

and it could all be so easy

  1. Toilets
  2. Princess Raha has a question
  3. Non-binary, how can I be something by not being something else?
  4. The value of language
  5. The beauty of mistakes
  6. The official start of the sex talk
  7. Orgasms
  8. This is me photos


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We need to talk about sex

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We need to talk about sex


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We need to talk about sex

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