How were the photographs for the limited editions chosen?

How were the photographs for the limited editions chosen?

Several aspects played a role.

Firstly, I only chose photographs I like.

Secondly, the photographs needed to be good enough to qualify for a Fine Art Print.

Thirdly, I wanted to offer a wide range of photographs so that most people could find something they like.

Fourthly, I wanted to offer photographs in different price segments, so people can choose to which extent they would like to support the easy town projects.

I was quite happy with the first catalogue. But not happy enough. So, some weeks later, I took the time to extend the photo series and to add more of my favourite photographs to the catalogue.

The process of arranging and rearranging the photos had a lot in common with editing the story. And in the end, it was this process of trying again and again until I was happy with the selection that resulted in the selection now presented in the catalogue.

There were a three other aspects which influenced the selection.

The title images

It was time to get serious about the title images for each book of the book series. So far, I had been playing around with images for each book without taking any decisions. These images are either used for the book covers and/or for the book’s webpages.
What I enjoyed most about this part of the selection process was the fact that with the title images, I could interweave my photographic work with my book series. That was the reason why I extended this series to include title images for the website, for the book series or the sex talk.

photo series, title images, easy town books, by Charlie Alice Raya

The chapter trees

The chapter trees have gone through quite a few changes by now.

First I was looking for images I could use for the book covers of each chapter of book 2. These images needed to have something in common since they all belong to the same book, but at the same time, they needed to be very different to reflect that each belonged to the chapter of a country. And to make things even more difficult, these photographs needed to look good together.

The first selection was a mix of tree bark and rock images, but I started to worry that someone from this or that country might be unhappy not to have a tree bark or not to have a rock attached to their country. Also I discovered that some of the images didn’t have the kind of quality I wanted for a Fine Art Print.

I had more tree barks than rocks, so I decided to find a favourite tree bark for each country. I kind of did and these images even looked good together. But I had overlooked that one of those images was too blurry on closer inspection. I knew the tree and could do a new image but on that tour and on the next, I added so many new intriguing tree bark images that I decided to give the chapter trees another makeover.

I love the present selection, and I also love the fact, that the chapter tree remix II, a set of ten images, includes tree barks from the previous selection.

Anyway, to add both the title images and the chapter images to the selection of Fine Art Prints was kind of a must do. After all these images stand for the connection between the book series and everything the book series might inspire.

And then there is

wall dissolved in 12 acts

I have seven photographs of a wall mirrored in a Venice canal. These photographs were taken in 2011.
Back then, I experimented a lot with colours. As a result, I had an image, I loved a lot. Only I lost the original image with that colourful explosion.

So in 2021, I tried to recreate that manipulation. I couldn’t. But in the process new images emerged, and I decided to select some of them for a collection and offer them as Fine Art Prints.

In the China chapter of book 2, Alice talks about wanting to have a wall for Easy Town. Not everyone likes the idea, and at some point, Alice says: ‘Maybe part of me wants a wall so I can make it different, so I can defy the purpose many walls are put to.’

As a Berliner, I feel strongly about walls, and while I worked on wall dissolved, I loved the fact that I redefined those bricks over and over again, and I gave them a different life, or rather the colours do.

wall dissolved, act 1, series by Charlie Alice Raya