About the prices

How prices come about is an issue addressed in the book series, so I thought I’d better come up with a comprehensible price for the books as well.

Since the different books will have between two and four hundred pages, I decided the fairest approach would be to go by the word count and set a price per word. This price per word is the basis for the calculation of the final price.

Originally, I added fourty-two percent for all other costs, including VAT. But I’ve reviewed this approach. The reason is that VAT varies so much from country to country. Also, if you buy from this website, you won’t have to pay the percentage the retailers get. I lowered the percentage for additional costs to four percent. If that works, I’ll keep it, if not, I’ll adjust it.


Price per word for the Easy Town Series: €0.000087
Percentage for all additional costs: 4%
VAT: according to your country of origin
retailer percentage: none, if you buy from this website

PRICE FOR BOOK 1: beginning

Book 1: beginning = 117,177 words =  €10.19
additional costs 4%  =  €  0.41
total (without VAT)  =  €10.60

Below, you’ll find some of the final prices, including VAT. If your country is not mentioned, you will see the final price on your invoice. Whatever the final price, it will not be above €14.48. All payments are to be made in Euro.

Australia = €11,66

Canada = €11.13

Germany = €13.02*

Iceland = €13.14

Ireland = €13.04

Netherlands = €11.24

New Zealand = €12.19

Romania = €11.13

South Africa = €12.19

Sweden = €11.24

United Kingdom = €10.60

United States = €11.13

*For readers from Germany and Austria

For the German and the Austrian market, I have to keep the book price fixed until the 29th March 2020 in compliance with German law. That means I can’t adjust the price for you at the moment, and it remains at €14.48 until March 2020.

Adjustment: Finally, the German government has reduced VAT on e-books to seven percent. This is why book 1 can be sold for €13.02 from the 18th December 2019 onwards. Customers from Austria will have to wait until the first of January 2020 for their VAT adjustment.

PRICE FOR BOOK 2: travelling

I will probably publish book 2 in two parts. The following is just an approximation:

Book 2: travelling – part 1 New York to Australia = 77,224 words =  €6.72
additional costs 4% =  €0.27
total (without VAT) =  €6.99

Book 2: travelling – part 2 China to Berlin = 99.533 words =  €8.66
additional costs 4%  =  €0.35
total (without VAT) =  €9.01

Pre-order – book 2

If you pre-order book 2, you’ll receive both parts for just €7.77, including VAT (no matter where you’re from).