launch week – easy town websites

day 4

Friday, 28 October 2022

Focus: Rethinking business practices

13:13 – Berlin time

A little out of breath

It’s been a busy morning. Four easy town websites opened the towns specials today, plus a number of town ideas now have their own page on the website towns and cities international.

towns specials

on other easy town websites

icon for the Hub

The Hub

The Hub is the idea for an internet within the internet, which could also be used to simplify admin tasks for towners, tourists and patients.

Some town ideas will be introduced in connection with a special Hub feature such as tools for town admin, education, events or tourism.

icon for dot.


dot. is an idea for a clothing company which empowers creatives, small businesses and the customers.

These towns specials focus on the role dot. could play for the local economy, the local identity, and the well-being of the towners.

icon for book stations

book station

book stations are part of a whole bunch of ideas for the future of books.

The first towns specials introduce a town for story creators and a town for publishers. Other towns specials take a look at how books and the books trade can improve life in a town.

icon for the website: we need to talk about sex

The sex talk

The human sexuality has many positive aspects but also terrible ones.

The sex talk towns specials introduce towns which address both the enjoyable and the destructive aspects of sexuality, taking both the physical and mental health & happiness into account.

13:37 – Berlin time

Progress report

In a nutshell: I haven’t gotten as far as I hoped, especially with regard to re-designing this website, and adding new content here.

But I am happy about all the new additions to this and to the other new websites. And while it’s a bit annoying that things take longer than planned, it’s also not that surprising. After all it was me who decided to give the launch week a touch of the spontaneous by not preparing much upfront.

And I like a little imperfection.

Of course, I could have postponed the start of the launch week (as I have done several times before) but since I was born in October, I liked the idea of completing the launch week within the month of my birth. A bit of symbolism has a cheering effect (on me), and these days I take everything that cheers me up.

13:48 – Berlin time


Today’s focus: Rethinking business practices

Today’s motto: Rethinking business practices is one of the core necessities that can make all the difference for all of us.

The first stop for me on this website, today, is the new page for rethinking business practices. I will update it frequently while working on it.

Take a look at these websites for more insights into the easy town business ideas.

18:40 – Berlin time

Not chatty, today

I was so wrapped up in doing the new business page and writing loads of emails that I completely neglected to keep you up to date, and now, I need a break and something to eat. I think I’ll be lazy and have a bit of pizza and a simple salad.

21:17 – Berlin time


I just opened a few dot.specials which are relevant to rethinking business practices.

21:50 – Berlin time


A little goodnight story from book 2/2, travelling.

open sesame, 2016, © Charlie Alice Raya

Afsaneh told Alice the story of the snake, the witch and the mountain.
A long time ago, a snake was born in the heart of the mountain. As it matured, it became the guardian of the inner mountain. One day, a witch got lost in the caves, and she asked the snake for help. But the snake loved the caves, and it didn’t understand why anyone would want to leave them. Besides, the snake had never heard of something called the outside world.
At first, the witch sympathised. But after another week of despair, she turned the snake into a giant worm. And as the worm grew, it pressed against the cave walls, and as it kept growing it crushed rocky layer after rocky layer — until it broke through the mountain, creating this very gorge.
The witch happily escaped, and many animals found new hiding places among the fallen rocks.
The worm spent its nights clearing away the rubble in search of its lost caves. And during the day, it often lay awake, wondering what the blue sky was all about, and what it would take to touch it.
And why were the rocks growing?

book 2/2, travelling, Otaon

The photo is available as Fine Art Print on the project’s photo page >