Jack's movies


Jack is one of the main characters in the easy town books and a famous British actor.
Some of his movies are just mentioned in the story, some are recounted by him, like Breaking the Cycle, and in the case of The Invention of Evil, Jack and Alice watch his movie together.

You can find both Breaking the Cycle and the Invention of Evil in the South Africa chapter of book 2, travelling. Both stories are also available in separate books. And in both cases some related scenes from book 2, travelling have been added.

Jack’s complete movie list will be published with book 4/1, building, and by then more of his movies will have entered the easy town story.

How and when these movies will be made is still undecided. But once the easy town project has set up the Visionary Meddlers Film Productions, things can get moving. And this enterprise will provide yet another opportunity to rethink- well, everything.

Jack’s movies: Breaking the Cycle

breaking the cycle

The movie

Breaking the Cycle

Born and raised in Birmingham, UK, it still comes as a shock to Blane that he is a racist. After the initial shock is overcome, Blane sets out to find the roots of his racism, and he soon realises that his ancestors and his living family have built most of their fortunes and lives on efficiently applying racism, and handing it down from generation to generation – almost unnoticed, it seems. Until now.

Blane’s research puts him at odds with many members of his family, but he also finds some unlikely allies while digging deep into the horrors of the past and the present.

Breaking the Cycle will premiere in December 2016, in London, and in book 3, shaping.

breaking the cycle, book cover

The collection

Breaking the Cycle

While writing book 2, the topic of racism kept knocking on my door, and it kept finding ways into the story.

The scenes and dialogues of this collection focus on the racism which is handed down from generation to generation.

The main piece, Breaking the Cycle, is a movie retold by Jack with the added bonus of Jack giving some insights into how the movie was made.

The additional pieces: I am Walter Kunze, How could a whole country have turned into Nazis?, Alice flares up, and White Africans, add thoughts about the guilt of white western Europeans throughout the centuries.

The quotes from the Berlin chapter of book 2/2, travelling give this collection a fitting frame.

Pages: 50 pages

Jack’s movies: The invention of evil

the invention of evil

The movie

2006, The Invention of Evil
Director: Amber Mortimer
with Jack Harris, Mike Miliband, Ariana Shaw and Sam Elis

Julian is a successful businessman in London. Every year he spends his birthday at his father’s manor house.
This year, as he turns 33, he is introduced into his family’s secret society, and his father reveals that Julian will be the society’s next chairman, like his ancestors before him.
The aim of this society is to guard the invention of evil, and to keep feeding the myth.

This is a rare cinematic gem. It makes you pray to God that this story will never turn out to be true. If true, everything we ever believed in would be nil and void.
Jack Harris brilliantly masters his contradictory character, and Sam Elis brings a whole new dimension to the story. Thrilling. Frightening. Brilliant.

the invention of evil, book cover

The collection

The invention of evil

The idea for The Invention of Evil came up in the most typical way: it popped up. And once it was there, it grew into quite an intriguing story. Fit for several movies and series, if I am any judge.

The main scenes for this collection, the Monk and the Invention of Evil, are from the South Africa chapter of book 2/1, travelling and take place during the travelling team’s flight from Cape Town to Sydney.

The Monk and The Invention of Evil were written independently, and only later got into the same chapter. By now The Monk is something of a prelude to The Invention of Evil.

The final dialogue in this collection is from the Otaon chapter of book 2/2, travelling.

Otaon is an ancient kingdom in the Middle East, and the dialogue between Alice and Prince Harun might seem out of place — at first.

Pages: 37 pages

Jack's movies

Triple Pack – Jack’s movies

Jack is one of the main characters in the easy town stories. He is a famous British actor, and some of his movies have become part of the easy town story.

The South Africa chapter of book 2/1, travelling features two of those movies, and this collection presents both movies in their context, including related scenes and quotes, plus the original chapter to explore how the movies are intertwined with the story.

This collection includes:

  • Breaking the Cycle, ePub
  • Blane’s family trees, pdf
  • The Invention of Evil, ePub
  • & book 2/1, travelling, South Africa, ePub

Price: €5.64 (incl. VAT), 4 files