Reading order, single chapters and extracts

In short:

Yes, you can read book 2 before book 1, or just the one or the other.

book 2 includes a recap with relevant scenes and information about book 1.

Yes, you can read a single country chapter. Each country chapter has a recap with things you need to know for that part of the story.

Extracts mostly don’t contain significant spoilers and focus on discussions or statements which require little or no story background.

Reading order book 1 and book 2

beginning, or drafting a town experiment, by Charlie Alice Raya, book series: seven years easy town, cover

Starting the series with book 1 is comparable to meeting someone in kindergarten, whereas starting with book 2 is like meeting someone in your first job. There will be quite a bit you don’t know, but you can still follow the present part of your colleagues story.

In general book 1 is like a truckload of wholegrain bread: it’s interesting, and it’s a lot.

Book 2 has the definite advantage that it is more varied in every respect: travelling to different countries, meeting people from all walks of life, discussions, clashes, adventures, magic, danger increasing and a lot more. It’s even more varied in the way the chapters are written. In fact, many parts of book 2 have a character of their own. There is still wholegrain included, but more of the fluffy bread roll kind, mostly.

Personally, I could reread book 1 every six month or so, while I could reread most of book 2 continually, often actually zigzagging. After all, it’s fun to return to Copacabana Beach, go through all the tensions in South Africa, be at a garden party with princes, drink with a barlady in Romania, have fun at a ball in Russia and all the other encounters … Mind you, it’s not all fun — far from it.

Saying all this, the single chapters of book 2 offer you an opportunity to take a peek at the series without buying a whole book. It also gives you the chance to pick a topic or two you might be particularly interested in.

seven years easy town, book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part 1

Reading single country chapters

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part united states, by Charlie Alice Raya

It is possible to read a single country chapter. There are overlaps between the chapters and developments within the team, but each country chapter has sort of its own story. So it’s fine to pick a single country or two.

Also, say you are only interested in colonialism or the penis trauma, then you are perfectly fine with just buying the South Africa or the China chapters respectively. Or you buy the corresponding extracts collection. In this case The beauty of modern slavery (for colonialism) or We still need to talk about sex, the penis trauma and other speculations about us and our sexuality.

Besides, each single country chapter includes a recap about what you need to know for this part of the story.

The price is the same whether you buy single chapters or one of the two parts of book 2.

The country by country publishing is an exception for book 2.

Much later in the series, there is another book which will be published chapter by chapter. But mostly the books of the series will be single books.

If you are wondering whether to buy the complete e-book or some single chapters, I would say the decision depends on what kind of reader you are. If you are likely to read the book in a few days, buying the complete book is better, because the flow isn’t interrupted by recaps.

If you don’t know how much time you will have for reading, then buying country chapters might be better for you, because each country has a recap about the events which are relevant for the chapter you are going to read.

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Berlin, by Charlie Alice Raya

book 2/1,
country by country

Book 2 is available in single country chapters.

There are overlaps between the chapters, and developments within the team, but each country chapter has sort of its own story. So it’s fine to pick a single country or two.

Besides, each single country chapter includes a recap about what you need to know for this part of the journey.

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part united states, by Charlie Alice Raya




The travelling team takes off from New York.

But Alice isn’t happy to be on this handshaking mission for the Easy Town Project.

Her meeting with the property mogul Clive Stodd only adds to her grumpiness, and Tom’s nagging doesn’t help.

‘I walked myself right into your sex talk, didn’t I?’ Tom groaned, nearly bumping into another urn.

book 2/1, travelling, San Francisco

Pages: 88, 22k
Price: €1,44 (incl. VAT)

tags: grumpiness and oranges, the tour of the airliner and a surprise, security measures and a therapy, a pep talk gone wrong, we need to talk about sex, early days, sexy outfits, property negotiations, workout, tickles and questions, learn how to defend yourself, university speech, chaos and walls, disappointing the team, LGTBQ+ and is homosexuality an intrusion? few explicit remarks

Pages: 88, 22k
Price: €1,44 (incl. VAT)

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Brazil, by Charlie Alice Raya




Twice in Rio, Alice has to confront dark memories from her past. In one case, retelling a nightmare earns her some respect. In the other case, Devery is glad that no one else is listening.

‘(…) there is no such thing as a woman or a man. Though, there is Amen.’

Book 2/1, Rio de Janeiro

Pages: 69, 19k
Price: €1,24 (incl. VAT)

tags: stark contrasts, kamikaze, favela, a nightmare, girls night, a walk along Copacabana Beach, traumatic run-ins with women, women prison, genital mutilations, boobs and milk boobs, penis length, gender, explicit remarks

Pages: 69, 19k
Price: €1,24 (incl. VAT)

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Argentina, by Charlie Alice Raya




While the travelling team gets something of a breather, others are scheming to sabotage the project, and Jack receives a heavy blow.

‘For Christ’s sake,’ the prominent grey thundered. ‘Is there no reliance on wives these days? What about sex? What was that all about?’

book 2/1: travelling/Buenos Aires

Pages: 64, 16K
Price: €1,07 (incl. VAT)

tags: Nazis, ratline, coping with the past, Hub Station, sexual violence, a new initiative, on the side of power, coming to terms with some changes, big players, reconnecting, thinking, as free as a bird, trust, a sky party, some explicit remarks

Pages: 64, 16k
Price: €1,07 (incl. VAT)

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part South Africa, by Charlie Alice Raya

South Africa



The visit starts off fine(ish) in Cape Town. But the stay in Injaberg is marked by clashes, the arrival of a mediator and news that divide the team.

‘You don’t know much about Africa, do you?’ Lesedi remarked, exchanging a glance with Karabou.
Alice twitched her mouth. ‘No.’

Book 2/1, south Africa

Pages: 144, 38k
Price: €2.46 (incl. VAT)

tags: extending the Hub network, violence, black and white, racism, colonialism, origins, white Africans, trust, an attempted coup, mending things, fever, good and evil, movie night, few explicit remarks

Pages: 144, 38k
Price: €2.46 (incl. VAT)

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Australia, by Charlie Alice Raya




Alice is full of energy and unaware that danger is closing in. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to find his place within the team.

‘At heart I am a lone wolf. And even though I believe this town is going to be exceptional, I would still choose the tree house for myself, at least as a retreat.’

book 2/1: travelling/Australia

Pages: 99, 24k
Price: €1.55 (incl. VAT)

tags: reports, a Hub Station, Maori, fashion and advent, strictly male, deep energies and a jelly cocoon, a zoo at breakfast, Brexit in a fish restaurant, rethink the EU, history following you around, a moment, dead towns and street musicians, danger with a fur coat, group photos, racism, a bet, thinking, holidays, sleeping, dancing, sitting, beauty

Pages: 99, 24k
Price: €1.55 (incl. VAT)

book 2/2,
country by country

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part China, by Charlie Alice Raya




The visit to China is very different from everything the team has encountered so far. And while the team tries to make sense of it all, their enemies get far too close.

Whenever we try to learn without needing to know, we are likely to fail, or we feel like we have reached our limits.’

book 2: travelling / China

Pages: approx. 147
Status: unpublished

tags: getting up to date after the holidays, spies and translators, domestic violence, the penis trauma and apes, explicit remarks, walls, elements, secret meeting and deep energy secrets, overpopulation and the question of complicity, a walk with a friend, big market players, keep customer in line, meeting a master, using masks

Pages: approx. 144
Status: coming soon

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Otaon, by Charlie Alice Raya




No one knew what to expect from the short visit to Otaon, an ancient, influential and rich kingdom in the Middle East.
Of course, it would be very hot due to the desert climate, and there would be many princes thanks to the extensive royal family.

‘Historians say that a free-spirited princess brought this about. However, it is forbidden to tell the story, because it might inspire young people to make up their own laws.’
Jazz chuckled. ‘But you know the story?’
‘You can laugh or I can tell you the story of Princess Marlana and her guards in black.’’

Book 2/2, Otaon

Pages: approx. 155
Status: unpublished

tags: princes in a palace garden, prejudice and fairy tales, fashion and fear, someone wants to marry, are we making each other?, panic attack, an unexpected clash, a macho moment and stubbornness, deep energy and a big hall, how to punish, religion in various hiccups, a goodbye, breasts or bleeding, the great library of sitseaf, a last tour

Pages: approx. 155
Status: coming soon

book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part Romania, by Charlie Alice Raya




This is one of the most delightful stages on the journey, and despite some drawbacks, Alice has a very good time. But not everyone is happy about that.

[note] If you are prepared to read some spoilers, this is probably the best chapter to get an idea of what the series is about.

‘He was good looking enough, for a white guy and someone your age.’
Alice smiled a little and shook her head. ‘It wasn’t attractiveness. More that here is a free mind. A mind with a million options or worlds even.’

book 2: travelling / Romania

Pages: approx. 84
Status: unpublished

tags: clarity and staring, trains and birds, historic villages and geese, the time of the dwarfs and daisies, a bell tower, a thunderstorm, toasts, darkness and a shared history, conducting, jeballulo, the heart goes boom, boom, boom, Italian coast, memory of a rape impulse, explicit content, an idea is rejected, an unwelcome call, a walk at night and flying solo

Pages: approx. 87
Status: coming soon

more about book 2 >>>


In order to make content available to those with little time or specific interests, I compiled a few extracts collections.

These extracts usually contain conversations or statements on a specific (kind of) topic.

A subject or topic is never explored in full, but you can find some interesting questions, thoughts or speculations.

The Hub, extracts

The Hub

Let’s build the Hub and be done with the tech giants


This is a collection of extracts about the Hub — it’s both an idea for a business model and an idea for a new internet platform.

The Hub started out as the project’s own social media platform and has evolved into an internet within the internet.

The Hub features include everything social media has to offer, plus a search engine, a book library, a cinema, a bank and more.

[Jack] ‘(…) So what is the Hub?’
‘It’s all social media in one castle,’ Noel proclaimed with pride. ‘Without the advertising or data collecting. And you get to decide whether your castle is a simple two-dimensional space with just a phone booth to call your kids, or a three-dimensional palace with nearly endless rooms (…)’

(book 1, beginning, week 7)

Hub users pay an equivalent of one euro a month in return for ad-free online services, privacy, full control over features, algorithms and designs.

Noel stood up and declared solemnly: ‘This is the end of big brother. This is the restoration of our privacy and self-determination. This is us, getting our lives back.’

(book 1, beginning, week 1)

The Hub Stations maintain the Hub network and include facilities for education, health, art and businesses to support local communities.

  • Summary

Extracts from book 1

  • How it all began, week 1
  • The Hub Stations, week 2
  • The Hub weekend, week 7
  • Just before the conference, week 8
  • The Hub speech, conference
  • The Hub in town, conference
  • Catching on, conference
  • A nervous tech giant, conference
  • At the party, conference
  • Epilogue

Extracts from book 2/1

  • The Hub, Happy Flying
  • A site for the Hub in California, Happy Flying
  • Bits and pieces about the Hub, San Francisco
  • Politics in Rio
  • A chat with the Dono in Rio
  • The Hub Station in Buenos Aires
  • Big players are nervous about the Hub, Buenos Aires
  • The sex talk, Buenos Aires
  • At the Hub Station in Cape Town, South Africa
  • A clash, South Africa
  • A site for the Hub Station, South Africa
  • A meeting on the airliner
  • The Hub Cinema
  • The Hub Station in Sydney

Extracts from book 2/2

  • Updates on the Flight to Beijing
  • You haven’t come to China to do business?
  • Autonomy for the Hub, China
  • Nervous players again, China
  • The Hub in China
  • A Hub demonstration, Otaon
  • Prince Harun wants to know more, Otaon
  • The Hub in Romania
  • About dwarfs and giants, Romania
  • Hub Locations, Romania
  • Numbers, Russia
  • The Hub core transfer, Russia

Additional material

  • Hub principles (so far)

Pages: 195, 34k
Price: €2.91 (incl. VAT), extracts

a business model for a fashion company



main extracts and thoughts on

  • Brainstorming for town businesses, book 1, week 3
  •, book 2/1, Australia
  • dot. international principles


book 2/1, travelling

  • Urns, San Francisco
  • Hachiro, San Francisco
  • A show of respect, South Africa

book 2/2, travelling

  • Who do I want to be? China
  • dot. in China?
  • Otaon
  • Jesse, Australia & Romania
  • The prince and the queen, Russia
  • Berlin

PART III – additional material from book 1

  • Job shaking
  • Price per task

This collection includes the story of Princess Marlana.

Pages: 96, 20k
Price: €1.77 (incl. VAT)

digesting, coexisting, alive, extracts, book 2


A train of thoughts and a magic valley


This collection includes two extracts from book 2, travelling

book 2/1, travelling, Flight to Sydney

digesting instead of blocking

book 2/2, travelling, China

Coexisting, a magic valley

Pages: 18, 4k
Price: €0.78 (incl. VAT)

extracts, book 1&2, modern slavery, rethinking business

The beauty of modern slavery

and rethinking business practices



  1. Foreword

book 1, beginning

  1. The beauty of modern slavery, at the conference
  2. Exploitation, week 3

book 2/1, travelling

  1. We are all for freedom, Brazil
  2. Racism, colonialism and the superiority complex, South Africa
  3. Slavery, South Africa
  4. White Africans, South Africa
  5. Raw materials, Flight to Sydney
  6. Cheers to all the bastards, Australia
  7. What’s best for humans, Australia
  8. Brexit, and the EU needs a rethink, Australia

book 2/2, travelling

  1. Balances, China
  2. Going in circles, China
  3. Refugees, Otaon
  4. The time of the dwarfs, Romania
  5. Second class humans, Romania
  6. We can do better, on a global scale, Romania

additional extracts

  1. Rethinking the way we do business, book 1
  2. The Hub, a business model, book 1&2
  3., a business model, Australia
  4. The flare up, at the conference

If you don’t mind some spoilers, then this is an extracts collection to get a better idea of what this series is about.

The Hub and are introduced in this collection, for more details see the Let’s build the Hub and be done with the tech giants and

Pages: 101, 20k
Price: €1.81 (incl. VAT)

We need to talk about sex, limping and other speculations by Charlie Alice Raya

We need to talk about sex, limping


This is a collection of sex-related discussions and incidents from book 1, beginning and book 2/1, travelling.

‘You know,’ Alice said, suddenly somber. ‘I wish we could just face all the sex issues and then move on. So many things are more important than our sexuality. But our sexuality fucking fucks with us.’

book 2/2, travelling, Russia

Extracts from book 2, travelling, and we need to talk about sex

Prelude, US

  • Nudity

Happy Flying, US

  • We need to talk about sex

San Francisco, US

  • Urns
  • Property
  • Couple therapy for the body and the mind
  • Sex jokes
  • Perspectives
  • LGBTQ+
  • Homosexuality, an intrusion?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Copacabana Beach
    • What’s wrong with a girls night?
    • Hoping to be liked
    • So, what’s wrong with a girls night?
    • Traumatic run-ins with women
    • What’s the idea of a girls night?
    • Women prison and inferiority complex
    • A world run by women
    • I never wanted to be a woman
    • Trouble with the body
    • Limping
    • Boys night and penis length
    • Prejudice, unwelcome news, and news from the girls night
    • Evasive gender
  • This is Rio , best place for gays

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • You have to fuck
  • Your dick is not a weapon
  • Abortion and the Catholic Church
  • Trustworthy men
  • Sex and populism
  • Sex talk, a journey
  • Exploring why we do stupid things
  • Why does fear smell?

South Africa

  • Friends
  • Colours of the skin, HIV and a priest
  • De-scandalising sex

Sydney, Australia

  • Outfits, and urns rebooted
  • Sexiness as weapon among women?

Time off, Australia

  • Beauty

Extracts from book 1, beginning, or drafting a town experiment

  • The vilification of the body
  • Porn
  • Happy parents
  • Why don’t you have children?
  • Pregnancy nightmare
  • Gendered outfits
  • Singledom
  • Losing it
  • Sexual orientation
  • One night stands, affairs, relationships and marriage
  • Who rescues who?
  • Jerks of my mother’s making
  • Role models
  • Abortion

Pages: 161, 30k
Price: €2.44 (incl. VAT)

We still need to talk about sex, extracts

The penis trauma


About an hour later, Alice felt a rush of excitement.
Could this be an explanation? Of sorts?
She had to talk to someone. But who? Who would be open enough to even think about this?
Alice stared at the screen in front of her, then back at the notepad she had been scribbling on.
Leo. Of course. Leo.

book 2/2, travelling, Flight to Beijinng

This collection includes extracts from both parts of book 2, travelling.

While the issues are very serious, there is also humour and some intriguing speculations.

book 2/2, travelling

  1. Domestic violence, Flight to Beijing
  2. The penis trauma, Flight to Beijing
  3. Bulges and urges, Russia
  4. Making each other, Otaon
  5. Is this how rape happens? Romania

book 2/1, travelling

  1. Your dick is not a weapon, your breasts are not a means to an end, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. Nku killed her, Cape Town, South Africa

Leo was silent. Alice heard that he opened a tap and let water run into a glass. Then she could hear his gulps. And then he gasped. ‘Alice,’ he said with panic in his voice. ‘You have to stay out of this.’
‘But Leo, this could be important.’
‘No! Yes, it could be. And that’s why you — a woman — have to stay out of it. If you want this theory to get the attention it might deserve and if you don’t want to repel men from actually giving it a thought, then this is a matter men should deal with on their own.’

book 2/2, travelling, Flight to Beijing

Pages: 43, 9k
Price: €1.13 (incl. VAT)

breaking the cycle, Charlie Alice Raya, extract

Breaking the Cycle


While writing book 2, the topic of racism kept knocking on my door and kept finding ways to get into the story.

The extracts of this collection focus on the racism which is handed down from generation to generation.

The main piece, Breaking the Cycle, is a movie (so far only in the story), and it is retold by Jack Harris, a famous actor and one of the main characters in the book series.

The additional pieces, I am Walter Kunze and White Africans add thoughts about the guilt of our ancestors.


  • Foreword

  • I am Walter Kunze, Argentina

Breaking the Cycle, South Africa

  • A few days earlier
  • Before Jack tells the story
  • Breaking the cycle

  • White Africans, South Africa

Pages: 19, 3k
Price: €0.75 (incl. VAT)

The invention of evil, extracts

The Invention of Evil


Jack Harris, one of the main characters in the book series, is a famous actor. He splits his time between the town project and his movie career.
Some of his movies are just mentioned in the story, some are recounted by him and, in the case of the Invention of Evil, Jack and Alice watch his movie together.

The monk

The invention of evil

Pages: 30, 6k
Price: €0.91 (incl. VAT)

Princess Marlana, extract, book 2/2, charlie alice raya

Princess Marlana


Extracts from book 2/2, Otaon and some additional on the fictitious art of deep energies from several parts in book 2

As a child, I loved the stories of Sinbad and Ali Baba. And when I thought about the travelling team’s visit to the Middle East, I wanted to capture some of this magic, and allow a whiff of fairy tales into the story.
This is one of the reasons why I eventually decided to let the travelling team visit a fictional, ancient kingdom in the Middle East and, of course, I called it Otaon.



The story of Princess Marlana and her guards in black

The story of the hunters fountain and the observer

The story of the snake, the witch and the mountain

The library and the story of the philosopher’s study and a special mind

These are often short extracts, but they have a magic of their own.

Pages: 62, 12k
Price: €1.31 (incl. VAT)

the easy town book series

beginning, or drafting a town experiment, by Charlie Alice Raya, book series: seven years easy town, cover


drafting a town experiment

Charlie Alice Raya

Alice convinces Tom to build a town experiment. The aim of the experiment is to rethink everything.

Price: €8.42 (incl. VAT)
Pages: 499, 133k
Format: ePub

seven years easy town, book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part 1


and we need to talk about sex
part 1&2

Charlie Alice Raya

Travelling around the world to get a shiny reputation, Alice is faced with allies and villains.

Price: €7.77 (incl. VAT)
Pages: 464, 122k
Format: ePub

seven years easy town, book 2: travelling and We need to talk about sex, book cover, part 3-7


and we still need to talk about sex, part 3-7

Charlie Alice Raya

Travelling with them are the past, personal demons, prejudice and unwittingly the issue of sex.

Status: coming up
Pages: approx. 647
Format: ePub